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Things To Think About Before You Buy Garage Storage

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    You should consider garage storage options if you're sick of tripping over equipment, sports gear, and random containers in your garage. But there are some essential things you should think about before you go out and buy storage systems. A sound garage storage system with cabinets, wall trails, and overhead racks can help you eliminate clutter.

    You prefer a garage that is not only well-organised but also perfect for your needs. This article will discuss the most important things to consider before buying.

    Garage Storage Purchase Considerations

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    It's great to have a garage attached to your house. This is beneficial because it gives you extra room to store things that might not fit in your house. Most of the time, though, the garage doesn't have much or any space because it's not organised well. Setting up your garage is essential to keep things in order and make room for things. 

    A garage cabinet is one tool that can help you get your garage in order. Finding which garage cabinet to buy is tricky because there are so many. The process won't be simple for those who have never bought garage cabinets. But the things we'll discuss below will help you make a choice.

    Tips for Picking the Best System

    When looking for a way to store things in the garage, there are a few points to keep in mind. Considering these things will help you pick a system that fits your needs and works well. Before you buy something, please think about these things:

    Make Sure Your Cabinets Can Withstand Garage Conditions

    The heavy, wet, and rough things you store in your garage will hurt your cabinets.

    Since the garage gets a lot of use, it's essential to have storage cabinetry to withstand the weather. The homeowner will have to pay more to fix the garage in the long run because they opted for a thinner, cheaper pressboard. The carcasses should be 34" thick for your cabinets, and the shelf bottoms and tops should be 1" thick.

    Set Your Garage Cabinet Budget

    Buying an affordable garage cabinet system at a big-box store can be tempting if you are on a tight budget. Remember that many of these cabinet solutions make the materials used to build the cabinets much less durable. Most of the time, cheaper storage units are created from steel or plastic that could be stronger. The type and quality of garage cabinets you buy will depend on how much money you have to spend.

    Less expensive garage cabinets will last less long or work, as well as more costly ones. Your garage cabinet structure will start to rust and fall apart over time. Are you going to get new ones that are the same? You'll know that consuming a little more gets you better quality storage that lasts longer when that happens.

    You can choose from more options if you can afford more garage cabinets. The better the construction materials and craftsmanship, the more likely they will last longer. Remember how important it is to design your garage cabinets.

    Adjustable Features and Flexibility

    Two of the most important things about a garage storage system are that it can be changed and added as needed. Look for a system that lets you change how big the hooks, shelves, or other parts are. You can change how the system is set up to store things of different sizes. If you have a flexible system, you can change it to fit your changing storage needs.

    If You Want Lasting Cabinets, Check the Backs

    Companies often spend less and get more money by not using a backing board or a very light one. But every skilled carpenter knows that the back of a cabinet takes the most weight. It can hold even less than half as much weight when you use a nailer aligned with a 14-inch backing that is parented into the sides.

    Identify Garage Storage Unit Contents

    It's also important to consider what you want to keep in the garage's cabinets. Things that fit in different types of cabinets will help you make your choice.

    It would help if you additionally thought about how heavy the things you're storing are. Plastic cabinets that need to be more assertive will only work if you need to store heavy power tools or auto parts. It would help if you got something stronger, like an 18-gauge or even more robust 16-gauge metal garage cabinet system.

    You can organise your cleaning supplies in a single cabinet or use the cabinets in your garage to store longer items like coveralls. In that case, you should get at least one tall locker cabinet.

    If you need to store many tools, you should look for garage storage units with many tool drawers. It would also be great to have bins for all sloppy screws, nuts, and bolts.

    Garage Cabinet Customisation

    the floor in a garage renovation

    If one of the most essential things about remodelling your garage is making it your own, you need custom cabinets. You have a lot of freedom to make your dream cabinet system when you can customise your garage cabinets.

    Custom-fit cabinets also help you make the most of the space you have. Adding custom cabinetry to corners that aren't being used can make them more useful. Refrain from finishing a free wall in your garage. Instead, have a seamless entire wall cabinet system made for it. That can meet your storage requirements and give the inside of your garage a more finished look.

    Garage Storage and Cabinetry: Dos and Don'Ts

    Today's garages are the foundation of the home. Because of this, it's more important than ever to have enough storage space for all sports gear, motorcycles, lawn tools, garden tools, and kids' toys. Innovative, well-constructed storage options are essential for people who want to eliminate clutter. These could be a third garage bay, built-in shelves, or a "cram-it-all-in" strategy.

    Avoid Ignoring Space-Saving Options

    Don't let your garage keep you back; use it to get what you want. Finding excellent storage space in places that don't seem possible, like ceilings, incomplete walls, and corners, is possible.

    You will be wasting time and space, though, if you try to find creative ways to store things in the space you have. Instead, You should hire an expert closet and cabinet designer to look at your space and find the best way to store your things.

    Insist On Longevity

    To protect your garage storage investment, look for materials made for professionals that can withstand high temperatures, moisture, dampness, and daily use.

    Think about how nice the design looks, how long the material will last (steel vs. wood), whether you need protective coatings, and how easy it is to damage the countertops. A locking gadget may be utilised to keep valuable things even safer.

    Recognise Problems

    What is the garage's current layout, and where are the slow spots? Do you have to use your lawn or garden tools, or would you instead work with your hands? Describe how often every single thing is used and list the ones used all year and only used sometimes. What can be higher and out of the manner in cabinets or racks, and what should be on the floor for ease of use? Make your overall design with these things in mind.

    Things That You Should Never Keep in the Garage

    Your garage can be a single unit, a double unit, attached, or detached. The extra space can help you store things, especially if the rest of the house feels crowded. You can keep lawn tools, car parts, and other outdoor gear you don't want in your living areas in the garage. It would help to be careful with what you keep in the garage.

    Below are things you shouldn't ever keep in your garage, ranging from fragile items that could get broken to things that could bring in bugs.

    Propane Tanks

    If left in the garage or another closed space, propane tanks are dangerous. The propane could leak, quickly starting a fire, even if someone starts a car nearby. Also, keep everything manageable in the garage. This includes gas containers and rags saturated in grease that can catch fire in high temperatures.

    It would help if you stored an extra propane tank for the latest grill in your garage, but the safest place is outside, in the shade, where it will be well-ventilated. Put gasoline on a shelf in a shed with good airflow, and get rid of oily rags by putting them in a jar, securing it, and taking it to a place where trash cans are thrown away.

    Important Papers

    Even though most of us don't need to get to our passports, social security cards, car positions, and other papers very often, there are better ideas than putting them in the garage. There may be too much moisture and humidity. Or bugs or other pests could damage these papers, which would be a pain to replace. 

    Finding an area in the house office or bedroom for the paper should be easy because it only takes up a little room. Putting papers in your garage isn't a good idea. They should be kept in a file box, a safe, or a waterproof container.

    Paint and Other Chemicals

    Long-term exposure to heat or cold will damage paint still on surfaces. Also, the bottoms will rust if you leave the cans on a cement garage floor. Fumes from chemicals and cleaning products can get into the air and make it dirty. If you stroll through the garage every day, this will be bad for your health.

    These dangerous items should be kept out of the way, like outside a shed. Paint should be kept in a safe place in the house or basement, away from heat sources.

    Pet Food

    We all adore our animals. It makes sense to want to keep additional food on hand. But that 40-pound container of kibble should stay inside. Putting pet food in the garage is a good idea to avoid getting rodents and other pests. Not only do these animals like the smell, but they can also eat with paper bags and get food dirty. 

    Pantry Goods

    The garage is an excellent place to store extra or bulky supplies until you need them again. But believe twice before putting any food here, even things that will go smoothly quickly, like canned goods or wine bottles. To keep their freshness, they have to be kept cool and dry, which means that most garages are not the best places for them to be. Mice also like to chew through food packaged in paper or plastic. This includes animal feed and bird seed.

    Keep food in your kitchen or the pantry by regularly checking the dates on the food and making the most of the space you have. You can use a garage fridge or chest freezer to store extra cold food, whether you have a big family or just like to throw the occasional party. But remember that they will raise your electricity bill, especially if they have to work extra hours in the summer.


    Before purchasing garage storage, it is essential to consider the following factors:

    • Make sure your cabinets can withstand garage conditions. Heavy, wet, and rough items can damage your cabinets, so opt for thicker carcasses and 1" thick shelves.
    • Set your garage cabinet budget. Affordable cabinets may last less or work, as well as more expensive ones. Choose from more options with better construction materials and craftsmanship.
    • Adjustable features and flexibility. A flexible system allows you to change the size of hooks, shelves, or other parts as needed. Check the backs for lasting cabinets, as they take the most weight.
    • Identify the contents of your garage storage unit. Consider what fits in different cabinets and how heavy the items are. For heavier items, opt for more robust metal cabinets, such as 18-gauge or 16-gauge metal garage cabinets.
    • Organise cleaning supplies in one cabinet or use the cabinets for longer items like coveralls. Look for garage storage units with many tool drawers and bins for sloppy screws, nuts, and bolts.
    • Consider garage cabinet customisation. Custom cabinets allow you to make your dream cabinet system and maximise your space. Add custom cabinetry to corners that aren't being used and have a seamless entire wall cabinet system made for it. This will meet your storage needs and give your garage a more finished look.

    Garage storage is crucial for maintaining a clutter-free home, and intelligent, well-constructed options like built-in shelves or cram-it-all-in strategies can help. However, it's important to avoid ignoring space-saving options and hire an expert closet and cabinet designer to find the best storage solutions. Choose materials that can withstand high temperatures, moisture, dampness, and daily use to protect your garage storage investment. Consider the layout of your garage, identify problems, and make an overall design with these considerations in mind.

    You should never keep propane tanks, essential papers, paint and other chemicals, pet food, and pantry goods in your garage. Propane tanks can leak, start fires, and cause damage to surfaces. Keep everything manageable in the garage, such as gas containers and grease-soaked rags, and store them outside in a well-ventilated area.

    Important papers should be kept in a file box, safe, or waterproof container, while paint should be kept in a safe place away from heat sources. Pet food should stay inside the garage to avoid rodents and pests, and pantry goods should be stored in the kitchen or pantry. Garage fridges or chest freezers can be used to store extra cold food, but they may raise your electricity bill, especially during summer.

    In summary, garage storage is essential for maintaining a clutter-free home. Still, it's crucial to consider space-saving options and hire an expert closet and cabinet designer for advice.

    Content Summary

    • Garage storage solutions can help avoid clutter and mishaps.
    • A well-thought-out storage system makes garages more functional.
    • Organising your garage efficiently maximises its space utility.
    • Picking the right garage cabinet can be challenging due to many options.
    • Durability is essential given the heavy and rough items stored in garages.
    • Cabinets need to withstand various weather conditions.
    • Choosing cheaper pressboard materials might lead to higher maintenance costs.
    • Cabinets should have a thickness of 34" and shelf bottoms/tops of 1".
    • Setting a budget is crucial when considering garage storage solutions.
    • Cheaper materials may not last long and compromise on durability.
    • Investing a bit more often ensures longer-lasting and better quality.
    • The more you spend, the better the construction and longevity of cabinets.
    • Adjustable features in storage systems offer flexibility and adaptability.
    • The ability to customise the storage arrangement is beneficial.
    • Checking the cabinet backs ensures better weight-bearing capability.
    • Identifying what you'll store helps you select the suitable cabinets.
    • Consider the weight of items when deciding between plastic or metal cabinets.
    • Cabinets with many drawers are ideal for tool storage.
    • Custom cabinets allow personalisation and efficient space utilisation.
    • Utilising unused corners or walls can maximise storage potential.
    • Today's garages often serve multiple purposes, needing diverse storage options.
    • Utilising unconventional spaces like ceilings can increase storage.
    • Seeking expert advice can help optimise garage storage.
    • Durability is essential to protect your garage storage investments.
    • The choice of materials affects both the appearance and longevity of storage units.
    • A thorough assessment of your current garage layout helps in planning.
    • Listing frequently used items aids in storage prioritisation.
    • For various reasons, some items need to be more suitable for garage storage.
    • Propane tanks in the garage can pose a fire risk.
    • Important papers should be kept out of garages to prevent damage.
    • Excessive heat or cold can adversely affect stored paint.
    • Chemicals can release harmful fumes, posing health risks.
    • Pet food stored in garages might attract pests.
    • Extra space in garages can be used to store bulky items.
    • A well-organised garage aligns with individual storage needs.
    • Buying storage without prior considerations can lead to inefficiencies.
    • A garage's utility extends beyond car parking, necessitating storage solutions.
    • The best storage system aligns with the user's requirements.
    • Evaluating garage conditions is paramount before deciding on storage.
    • Not every storage solution fits all garage types or conditions.
    • Financial constraints play a role in choosing the right storage system.
    • Cheaper solutions entail hidden long-term costs.
    • Flexibility in storage design caters to evolving needs.
    • The strength of cabinets affects their weight-bearing capacity.
    • Different cabinets cater to varied storage needs.
    • Customising garage cabinets optimises the available space.
    • Modern garages need intelligent storage solutions to handle diverse items.
    • Embracing innovative storage ideas can revolutionise garage organisation.
    • Durability and design Layering out some principles can help one's garage storage needs.
    • Awareness of the do's and don'ts is crucial for effective garage organisation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Make a list of what you want to store and how much space you have. Most companies that make products tell you what size to get, which can help you find something that fits your needs.

    Yes, many companies make storage solutions that are good for the environment and are made from long-lasting materials. If you care about the environment, look for products that have eco-certifications.

    A lot of modular systems can be changed to fit your needs. A lot of the time, you can add or remove parts to make the storage fit your needs.

    Different types of systems have different maintenance needs. It may be necessary to clean it regularly and tighten bolts or screws occasionally. For maintenance tips, look at the instructions that came with the product.

    Ensure that heavy things are correctly attached and spread on racks or shelves. Carefully follow the manufacturer's installation instructions to avoid problems.

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