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Garage Storage Shelving, Racks Baskets & Bins

GarageSmart offer a comprehensive range of Shelving, Baskets and Hooks that simply clip and engage into your GarageSmart SmartWall Storage System.

GarageSmart’s SmartWall Shelving, Baskets and Hooks are easily reconfigured as they are totally adjustable across your GarageSmart SmartWall Storage System without the need for direct fixing. With an endless number of possible storage configurations, you’ll love the flexibility and storage space that our SmartWall accessories create and provide.

During our onsite visit your experienced GarageSmart consultant will advise on what and how many accessories you will require based on what items you have in your garage, resulting in a tailored garage storage solution that meets your specific storage needs.

Metal Shelves

Stores large items including:

  • Suitcases and tubs
  • Document Boxes
  • Eskies
  • Christmas Decorations

Size: 61cm W x 36cm D x 21cm H
Capacity: 35kgs
Colour: Blue and Black

Img0228medium Rgb
Img0232medium Rgb

Sports Rack

Stores sports equipment including:

  • Skates
  • Bats and balls
  • Ski boots
  • Sports shoes

Size: 70cm W x 24cm D x 15cm H
Capacity: 5kgs
Colour: Blue

Img0234medium Rgb
Img0235medium Rgb

Small Deep Basket

Stores small items including:

  • Car washing items
  • Small gardening items and tools

Size: 20cm W x 30cm D x 21cm H
Capacity: 15kgs
Colour: Blue and Black

Img0215medium Rgb
Img0214medium Rgb

Large Deep Basket

Stores a wide range of items including:

  • Gloves
  • Small hand forks and spades
  • Large gardening items

Size: 46cm W x 30cm D x 21cm H
Capacity: 25kgs
Colour: Blue and Black

Img0217medium Rgb
Img0216medium Rgb

Shallow Basket

Stores sports and gardening equipment including:

  • Sports shoes
  • Gardening shoes
  • Bike helmets and accessories

Size: 61cm W x 30cm D x 13cm H
Capacity: 25kgs
Colour: Blue and Black

Img0212medium Rgb
Img0209medium Rgb

Narrow Basket

Stores small household or maintenance items including:

  • Cans, jars and containers
  • Brushes and tools

Size: 31cm W x 8cm D x 10cm H
Capacity: 5kgs
Colour: Blue and Black

Img0219medium Rgb
Img0218medium Rgb

Small Parts Bin

Storage bin for sorting and storing:

  • Screws
  • Nuts
  • Bolts, In one easy location

Size: 13cm W x 14cm D x 12cm H
Capacity: 2kgs
Colour: Taupe and Grey

Img0207medium Rgb
Img0208medium Rgb
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