How To Building A DIY Garage Storage Shelves

How To Building A DIY Garage Storage Shelves

Need some extra storage space in your garage?. Overhead storage systems are designed to help homeowners take back their garage space and provide a safe, economical means to store all types of items either above the garage door or overhead on the ceiling.

Are you making the most out of your garage space? It’s possible that when you store your car inside, the amount of room you have for storage is limited at best. That’s certainly true if your garage is filled with clutter and junk. In addition, it could make it difficult to walk around your garage and even lead to a safety hazard. You might even end up needing to leave your car outside, vulnerable to the elements and potential theft. 

The solution? You should consider the best overhead ceiling racks for garage storage. As the name suggests, these racks use your ceiling space effectively and help you clean up some of that clutter. In addition, many of the racks can support a large amount of weight. As such, you will have a high level of versatility when deciding what you want to store. Here are some of the best choices on the market we recommend you consider. 

Ah, the extra boxes and bins. I’m sure you have them too. They lurk in the corners of your closets and garages, waiting for that perfect season or month to become relevant again. The bin is full of foam pumpkins and fall leaves; the box bursts with tinsel and ornaments. The one size of outgrown clothes that the next kid isn’t quite big enough for. Or maybe it’s the grass seed and fertilizer, the paint cans and brushes, or the yard games and camping equipment. All things that in due time have a glorious purpose. But when they are tagged out for the season, where do you put them? With my closet space limited, and taller ceilings in our garage, we decided to look into some overhead storage.  

When choosing the best overhead garage storage system for your space, there are a few things that you need to consider. First, carefully plan how, where, and what size system you will be installing to maximize storage space. The style and brand of the system are essential to look at to determine safety options and durability. Next, determine what you would like to store and if it can be done safely, given the dimensions and weight the unit can hold. Also, consider the load your ceiling can hold and if proper installation is something you can DIY or need a professional for.  

How To Choose An Overhead Garage Storage System

There are a few things to consider when choosing an overhead storage system for your garage. Some of the criteria to base your decision on are pretty general, and some are unique and specific to your own needs.

The garage, although small, is almost always treated as a storage area for basically everything that we don’t want to keep in the house. Unfortunately, this is often associated with a somewhat chaotic and practically nonexistent storage system, resulting in a huge mess. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Give your garage a thorough cleaning and add some overhead storage and some shelves so you can finally be proud of this space. Check out some of our favourite overhead garage storage systems below.


Not all garages have the same size or proportions, and not everyone needs the same amount of storage. Typically, overhead storage systems measure somewhere between 4ft x 4ft and 4ft x 8ft. There are, of course, also some in-between options, and you can always combine two or more storage systems if you feel like you need the extra space. Make sure you have plenty of room for everything that you want to store in here plus some extra because you’ll surely find other things to bring in here as well in the future.

Placement/ setup

Before you start checking out various products, take some time to look around and check out your garage. Figure out how you want to organize it, all the elements you want to add to it and decide where the overhead storage system will go. This way, you’ll be able to take some measurements, and you’ll know exactly what to look for in terms of size and shape.


Ensure that the chosen storage system will fit in the space you’ve selected for it and that you’ll be able to install it and secure it onto the ceiling. If you have wires or other things in the way, that could become a problem and could mean you need to reconsider your choices. Consider letting a professional handle the installation if you’re not sure how to do it yourself.

Storage capacity

Be sure to check the storage system’s weight capacity and make sure it suits your needs. For example, if you plan on storing lots of heavy items like various tools, equipment, and so on, you might need to look for a reinforced storage system. On the other hand, if you only want to store lightweight items, there’s no point investing in something super strong unless you want the system to be future-proof. On the same topic, make sure you also know how much weight your actual garage ceiling can hold.


It goes without saying that overhead garage storage systems are not meant to be very easily accessible. They’re usually meant to hold various seasonal items or things that you very rarely use or need. Often you can use a ladder to reach the shelves and to access the items stored on them. However, if you want easier access to them, you can consider a motorized storage system to lift and lower the racks whenever needed.


Regardless of the type of storage system you decide to get for your garage, consider that it’s meant to hold lots of items that you don’t use regularly, it would be a good idea to use a labelling system. Label your boxes or add markers to the racks, so you know where to look for an item when you need it.


Take full advantage of your overhead storage system and maximize its efficiency by adding various accessories to it. For example, you could use a particular set of hooks to hold tires in place and store them side by side to save space. You can also add safety nets to hold smaller items, various utility hooks for sports equipment and tools, etc.

11 Awesome Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

If you don’t have much storage space at home or you simply own a lot of things, it’s a great idea to see if you’re truly maximizing the space you do have. An ideal place to start is your garage. It’s likely that once your vehicle is parked inside, there may not be much obvious extra room for storage. After all, you still need to move around freely and safely.

Overhead garage storage is a simple answer to this common problem. Your garage ceiling isn’t being used for much else, so why not utilize it as best you can? For example, you could tackle a DIY project to save time and budget or simply take a look at some of the best space-saving overhead garage shelving and storage solutions on the market.

Ceiling Racks

Ceiling racks use adjustable metal brackets that affix to ceiling studs and can hold a lot of weight, sometimes up to 600 pounds. This type of overhead garage storage, like this ceiling rack from Wayfair, is tucked out of the way and requires a step stool or ladder to access. For this reason, it’s perfect for things you don’t often use, like holiday decorations.

Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving is tough, sturdy, and perfect for organizing items in a garage. This model from The Home Depot is ideal for smaller items since its dense wire grids prevent things from falling through. In addition, it’s easy to assemble and can conveniently hold a lot of weight, up to 10,000 pounds.

Wall Storage

Slatwall panels act as a fantastic space saver in your garage. They’re ideal for smaller items and those that would be convenient to access instantly, anything from cleaning supplies to sports equipment or tools. This unit from The Home Depot features six modular units that can be adjusted to the size of your choosing, making it a great option to maximize the space you have and accommodate changing storage needs.

Bike Storage

If you’re part of a big family who loves to cycle, or even if you have a few bikes of your own, you know that bike storage can be important. This is especially true for smaller garages. That’s where a durable bike storage solution like this one from Amazon comes in handy. It mounts to the wall and holds up to six bikes.

Fishing Rod Holder

You may not have considered a very specific type of storage unit designed for your fishing rods. Perfect for keeping them clean, safe, and out of the way, this one from Etsy is made in Florida from sturdy waterproof, weatherproof, UV-resistant Recycled Marine HDPE. It’s easy to install, and you just need a screwdriver.

Pot/Plant Holder Ladder

If you’re spending extended time in your garage, maybe to work on a project, some indoor plants might make the space more inviting. Or, perhaps you’ve converted your garage to a guestroom and need some extra storage space. Either way, this ladder from Etsy is perfect for holding plants or pots. Made with thick, rustic, sustainable wood with a vintage look, this ladder comes with a hanging kit.

Multi-Purpose Wall Mount

When you’re setting up your garage, you might not be able to predict too far ahead what you’ll be storing and how you’ll need to store it. A great solution is a multipurpose wall mount with adjustable storage, like this one from Amazon with moveable hooks. When your needs change, you can quickly and easily reposition the hooks anywhere on the panel’s tracks.

Pulley System

A pulley system is a great way to get heavy items up and out of the way, such as bikes. For instance, this adjustable unit from Amazon holds up to 100 pounds and can be used on up to 12-foot high ceilings. It’s perfect if your bike is particularly heavy or you can’t lift it yourself. In addition, the rubber-coated hooks help save your bike from scratches or, worse, slipping out of your hands.

Storage Bins on Racks

If you’re trying to store many smaller items that you don’t anticipate using too often, storage bins on overhead racks from Amazon might just be your best bet. But, again, look for a solution that’s durable and long-lasting. You’ll also need to consider how much weight the bins can support, especially if your items are on the heavier side. Finally, consider choosing clear bins if you need to see what’s inside at a quick glance for easy retrieval.

Corner Storage

Just when you thought you were out of space, enter the corner storage unit. Perfect for providing shelf space for those items you want to grab easily and frequently, this type of garage storage can be very handy. This model from The Home Depot is made with a heavy-duty frame that holds more than 400 pounds and is simple to install.

Lumber/Ski Organizer

If you or your family members are skiers or snowboarders, or if you happen to have other long items like pieces of lumber, rugs, or ladders to store, some organizers can help. This strong and compact unit from Amazon holds up to 440 pounds and comes with four storage levels. Each level is ideal to fit different types of long items.

Benefits Of Using Overhead Garage Storage: 

There are many benefits to using your garage ceiling space to store the items around the house. Here are just a few of my favourite reasons to add overhead garage storage: 

Overhead Garage Storage Protects From Moisture  

Storing items overhead means your items won’t get wet like they may if they were on the floor in the garage. During our Minnesota winters, we see a lot of snow, slush, and ice that comes into our garages and melts. That water goes everywhere! Having items stored on the ceiling protects them from being affected by the moisture on the garage floor. 

Overhead Garage Storage Keeps Things Off The Floor

Gone are the days of having to stack bikes, boxes, racks, tools, and more on your garage floor. Storing items close to the ceiling and away from the floor means that you can tuck away the things you don’t need daily, and leave room for the things you need immediately! This is especially true of seasonal items like kayaks, skis, snowboards, paddleboards, bikes, etc. 

Overhead Garage Storage Opens Up Parking Space

Moving storage from on the floor or walls to overhead ceiling storage means there can be more space to park in your garage. If your two-stall garage is really only offering enough space for one car, overhead garage storage can change that! Free up another parking space and be able to park your car in the garage away from the elements. 

Overhead Garage Storage Can Make The Space Safer For Your Family

Garages are places where many household items are kept, including some that you might not want easily accessible to vulnerable family members. Storing those items higher up can make them harder to get to and can help protect those little people in your home from getting into things they shouldn’t.

Overhead Garage Storage Can Help You Save Money

If you’re currently paying for a storage unit each month, consider moving those items to be stored overhead in your garage and save on that monthly payment! 

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