How Much Does a Custom Garage Really Cost?

How Much Does a Custom Garage Really Cost?

Is your garage everything you want it to be? And if not, what would you need to change or add to make it into the garage space you want? The garage can be more than just the place where you store your vehicles. You can make it into a next-level storage solution, a convenient home office, or a fully-equipped workshop. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, for most homeowners, budget considerations have a lot to do with how much they can reasonably upgrade a garage. How much you’ll have to spend has a lot to do with how much customizing you’re able to do. However, it’s important to note that the cost of a garage can span a wide range. A simple project might cost as little as several thousand, while a highly customized two-car garage with additional workspace and improved lighting and ventilation can cost many times that. There are many possible custom garage configurations between these figures that could be right for your home and your budget. With such a wide range of options and costs, you can design a garage space that suits your needs and your budget with some planning and creativity. Take a look at some of the factors that you should consider when designing your ideal custom garage.

You probably know that the square footage of the home calculates the cost of a home. A garage is no different. Size matters – the larger the garage, the more it will cost. If you currently have a large garage and you’re concerned that it will raise the cost of your custom garage project, keep in mind that oftentimes, a larger garage will end up saving you money in the long run. Even if you don’t want to use your additional garage space for storage specifically – if you’d prefer to use it as a workshop or studio, for example – you’ll still need storage and organizational tools to help you keep the garage space neat and organized.

Heavy-duty garage cabinets, wall shelves, freestanding shelves, ceiling racks, or Slatwall wall coverings for hanging tools are just some of the organizational features that will help you maximize not only your space but also protect your tools, accessories, and valuable items. If you keep expensive sports equipment or power tools in the garage, for example, you’ll want to keep them locked up – after all, garages are a common target for thieves. A locking garage cabinet can help with that. Likewise, if you often work with hand tools, whether that means screwdrivers, paintbrushes, or gardening spades, you’ll want these tools close at hand and easy to find, not piled in a corner or buried under larger items. Installing a space to hang such tools can help with that.

Adding more organizational products will raise the cost of your custom garage, but it will also allow you to keep more of your belongings safe from moisture, insect infestations, and dust. You will pay upfront to add a workbench to your garage, for example, but that will pay off later when your tools last longer thanks to being stored properly instead of being piled on the floor or being hung haphazardly where they can fall and break. In addition, you’ll avoid the duplicity of re-purchasing items that you know you have stored in the garage… somewhere. Instead, they’ll be close at hand.

Benefits of Garage Organization

Improved Storage: The items held in the garage can be a jumbled mess where nothing is in a set place. Organizing the space allows the homeowner to find items easily. In addition, increased storage options will clear out the clutter, and the garage can become a functional space for storing equipment.

The garage is often the catch-all for every item that doesn’t have a place in the home. It’s also where work tools and landscaping equipment is stored. Often, every item in the garage should be somewhere else in the home or organized neatly so one day the car can actually be parked in the garage where it belongs.

Convenience: Whether it’s the ability to find a space to complete projects or a place to hold equipment and tools, organizing the garage will open up options and access to a functional work space. It can become a convenient option for holding tools, extra house supplies, landscape equipment or toys for the children.

Adding Storage: After clearing out the clutter and assessing the organizational needs, most garages can benefit from increased floor to ceiling storage options. When items are removed from the floor, it creates more space in the room. Sections should be designated for a specific purpose.

Car Tools: Even when the car isn’t held in the garage, it’s the space where all the tools to fix the car are stored. Many homeowners could benefit from a mobile tool box that will allow them to move the tools outside to the vehicle easily. A 9-drawer tool chest will cost a few hundred dollars and create a durable storage unit that can be integrated into the storage system in the garage when not in use.

Racks: Shovels and rakes need their own separate storage unit. Wall racks are the best way to keep these tools off the ground. Often, gardening tools are left standing in corners or against the wall where they can fall and potentially become a nuisance. A rack costs less than $100 and can hold up to 20 rakes.

Bikes for the entire family can take up a lot of garage space that can be used for other things. A bike rack will remove all the bikes from cluttering the floor, especially in front of the doors, and organize them on the wall. Six-bike storage costs around $100, and three-bike storage is around $75. The needs of the homeowner influence the price.

Overhead Storage: When thinking about storage, most homeowners will make a few shelves for the items they use constantly and shove the rest of the items into a dark recess of the garage. Items that are rarely used need an out-of-the-way storage spot that is accessible and neat. Storing items in overhead cabinets is a great way to utilize underused space high on the wall. Covered storage is preferable to open cabinets and freestanding shelving that can still appear cluttered. A great multipurpose overhead cabinet costs approximately $150.

Wall Storage: A matching wall cabinet with doors will run a bit higher priced since it has more storage space. The wall cabinet can cost anywhere from $300 to $700. A freestanding, open cabinet can cost less than $100.

15 DIY Garage Organization Tips & Hacks

If you are wondering “how to start cleaning out your garage”, you have come to the right place. Sometimes massive clutter can be overwhelming. Instead of tackling the problem, we continue to put it off because we don’t know where to start. In this post, we help you organize your garage with tips and tricks to use your overhead space wisely, genius garage storage ideas, and creative tool storage solutions so your garage stays clean for the long haul. These fifteen garage organization tips and hacks are sure to change your space forever.

Garage organization for small tools

I don’t know about you, but I’m always losing the drill bits, screws, and other small tools. It’s hard to tell one drill bit from the next. And, don’t let me have multiple sets or different brands. It’s a never-ending mess and instead of tools being used, they clutter in a ball of metal with other unorganized tools or simply get lost

Nevertheless, I have a simple idea to organize tools in the garage. Gone are the days of mix match tools and their owners. With magnet strips, you can easily keep up with all of the pieces, even the little ones. Install magnetic strips for your drill bits, screwdrivers, and other small tools. How Genius!

DIY storage containers

You don’t have to always spend more money to get organized. If you’re tired of breaking the bank to free-up a little space here and there, this hack is for you. This organization method keeps your garage organized at no extra cost. Cut the tops off laundry detergent containers, and use them to organize your nails, screws, bolts, and other hardware. It is convenient, and smells amazing!

Use hooks to maximize floor space

The best garage organization tips and tricks 101 is to maximize your floor space. By taking advantage of the wall and ceiling space you’re doing just that. If you are limited on floor and wall space, consider getting some heavy-duty clips to hang from your garage door hardware. You’ve just created an instant space for many heavy-duty items, and cleared the way for other much-needed things. Nothing, is more fulfilling than clearing a cluttered space, and this simple hack does just that.

  • Heavy Duty Items To Hang
  • Bikes
  • Scooters
  • Pool life rings
  • Small boats
  • Ladders
  • Shovels
  • Rakes

Garage Organization Systems

Organize for free with shipping pallets. Can you tell that I like “FREE”? Many local businesses are happy to get rid of their old, broken pallets for free. All you have to do is ask! With a little elbow grease and creativity, this DIY system can organize the most cluttered garages.

Here are some store suggestions for free pallets:

  • Furniture stores
  • Bars
  • Liquor stores
  • Nurseries
  • Construction Sites

Garage organizing layout ideas

Pegboards are indispensable in the garage. They make it so easy to map out your garage organizing layout ideas. The best part is that you can map it out and implement it all in the same spot. Use them to hang tools, toys, and anything else cluttering up your floors. (See other pegboard storage ideas!). Great for easy access and cute visual displays.

Bonus: If you’re prone to go a little overboard like I am, color coordinating your tools adds a nice visual layer to a clean, organized garage.

Garage storage containers

Storage containers can be tricky, but not if you know what you’re doing. First, consider the amount of stuff that you have and how you would need to categorize those items before you confirm a bin size. Then, once you’re comfortable with the size, go for it. If organization is what you’re after, bins are a must-have. Your garage won’t survive without them.

The real tip here is to ALWAYS spring for the bins with labels. Plain plastic bins with clearly labeled contents can save your sanity. It’s so simple but so tidy!

Garage organizing racks

Let’s get organized! This is how to organize a messy garage on a budget. DIY it! A few drill holes in a wooden plaque, and some nails. Voila’, the perfect rack for an organized garage. Such a practical way to hang your power tools. If you’re not into making one yourself, any old coat rack will do. Or, place a quick order from your local big box store for a ready-made rack that you can put up in no time.

Garage storage tricks

This is awesome! My garage has become a multipurpose space. My garage doubles as a gardening tool dumping ground, kids electric vehicle parking garage/ toy overflow shed, general home storage unit/ anything we can’t find a space for in the house. Finding a way to zone all of its multiple functions can be challenging. If your garage is also home to your gardening tools, as mine does, this pvc pipe storage trick will blow you away. How smart is that? It looks so neat!

Storage lockers

School-style lockers can keep your power tools locked up nice and tight. I can’t get over the nostalgia! No matter when you last used a locker, you have to admit that this garage organization idea brings back memories. School-style lockers keep things in place and out of sight, not just for books or a hot place to gossip in between classes. Helpful if you have small kids who go in and out of the garage! Lockers protect dangerous things and serve as a cool, funky garage organizer.

Organizational Jars

There are so many unique ways we can organize. Jars are one of the most convenient organization systems. Organize screws in old jars attached to the bottoms of shelves. Now, you have a foolproof system to house your screws and nails. These clear jars make it really easy to see exactly what’s inside.

Garage Wall Storage Idea

Make a shelf to hold all of your screwdrivers. DIY it, and you can turn a small space into an organized masterpiece in just minutes. Saves a ton of space and organizes your garage quickly. So much easier to find what you need than digging through a toolbox!

Use wall space

Our garage walls are full of so much unused space. Clean up some of the floor messes by tacking those items on the wall. If you have folding chairs and a folding table for entertaining, hang them on the wall to save valuable space over stacking them on the floor. Instant clear floors!

Genius can storage hack

Shoes go in my shoe organizers, how about yours? Well, this genius can storage hack will take loose cans from chaos to cute. Need to organize your garage and clear out the cans? Put spray paint, WD-40, and other cans/small products in a shoe organizer. Shoe organizers typically cost less than $15 each and are so valuable around the house.

Placement Bins

Above all, Location! Location! Location! Make things easy for yourself. Put recycling bins right by the door so it doesn’t pile up in your house, and you have easy access to them. When you only have a few steps to take, you’re more likely to put it in its proper place right away. Proper location leads to a clean home and a clean, organized garage.

Hook Boards

Love this idea for storing scooters and skateboards. Another garage organization DIY to the rescue. You can easily make one yourself using a long, wide board and some hooks or knobs. (Site not in English.) A stylish space saver for many of your garage storage needs.

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