Can You Build A Loft In A Garage

Can You Build A Loft In A Garage?

Does your garage feel like wasted space? Do you need more room to store things in the house? Aloft conversion could be the solution. But can you build a loft in a garage? 

You can if you’re willing to do your research and find out what the zoning laws are where you live. 

Building an addition onto your home is not always as easy as just finding blueprints on Google, but it’s also not impossible. 

Having a garage storage loft will help you declutter your garage. 

According to many experts today, keeping your things off the floor will improve convenience and efficiency.

If you want to know more about building a garage storage loft, just read on. We will explain things you should know about it. Are you getting frustrated by your clutter and garage organisation? Here at Garage Storage Solutions, we offer extensive professional organising and declutter service.

What Is A Garage Storage Loft?

How to Organize Your Garage in Under an Hour

Today, garage renovations have become one of the most common upgrades for houses. One way to renovate a garage is by building a garage storage loft. So what is a garage storage loft?

A garage storage loft is an extra storage built above the garage. A storage loft can be as simple as a simple structure built strong enough to be a storage or complex as an attic.

Let us ask you something. When you park your car inside the garage, where do you place it? 

People park their cars in the middle area and place their garage storage on the wall most of the time.

When you build a garage storage loft, you free up these spaces while leaving more room for your car to park in.

Although the garage is usually away from a homeowner’s living areas, they are still a part of the house. 

Thus, making the added storage from the loft ideal for storing the items you don’t need to keep at the house at all times or for storing items that are used seasonally.

One of the most common spots for a garage loft is above the door. 

If you want to build your loft this way, you can use the door track as the place where the attic starts. That is, take full advantage of the structure that you already have.

If, however, you want a large storage loft, you can create a loft above the garage. Yes, such loft functions similarly to an attic. 

If you are an avid DIY person, it may take about two or three days to complete a garage loft like that.

What Can It Do To Have A Garage Storage Loft?

As the name implies, the primary function of a garage storage loft is to be extra storage. Therefore, the main idea of building a loft in your garage is to utilise the garage’s space efficiently.

The aim is to reduce unused space in the garage. The amount of extra storage depends on the height of the garage ceiling. The higher the garage ceiling is, the more significant the amount of additional storage will be available.

As we have said earlier, lofts can be simple and complex, depending on the homeowners. For example, some homeowners have tall garage ceilings to build a loft that appears and functions just like a second floor. Incredible, isn’t it?

A garage storage loft can be built to take over 1.000 lbs. weight in terms of carrying capacity. So, not only can a garage storage loft be made to have lots of items, but it can also be built to carry heavy items as well.

What other things can a storage loft in your garage do? Protect your items. How? 

Well, since a storage loft is placed near the ceiling, if a fluid leak or flood happens, the items stored in the attic are likely to be safe.

The higher the ceiling, the safer they will be. 

As for access, some homeowners include built-in steps in their garage to allow easy access to their storage loft.

In terms of design, there is no limitation on how you should design a garage storage loft. There are many garage storage loft designs out there that can suit various sizes and types of garage. 

Of course, the lofts are designed so that they don’t disturb the vehicle space and the garage door.

You can add other accessories too. For example, crates, pegs, hooks, and coded storage bins can be added to the lofts for even more efficient storage.

The Pros And Cons Of A Loft Conversion

If you are looking for ways of creating more space in your home, a loft conversion is often the first thing that comes to mind. 

It has the benefit of usually being very easy to organise regarding regulations, requiring no planning permission. Also, depending on the size of your home, you may be able to get one or even two rooms out of the space available.

If you need to make more room in your home and haven’t decided if a loft conversion is for you, consider our pros and cons before making your final decision.


Extra Space

This may sound quite obvious, but if you have a relatively small home, a loft conversion could open it up and provide you with that additional bedroom or office you need. 

There is no need for a traditional home extension, and simply adding space upstairs means you can skip the need to gain planning permission or agonise over whether you want to sacrifice garden or yard space for more rooms.


Loft conversions are almost always cheaper per square metre than a traditional home extension as though there is building work; there is no need for significant structural changes. 

According to some property experts, adding a loft conversion to your home can also increase its value by as much as 20%, and this means it is an excellent investment for the future, should you plan to leave your home in years to come.

No Effect on the Neighbours

An extension, especially a double-storey one, can affect the views and experiences of your neighbours; you could also find that your new space is overlooked and therefore it feels awkward and less private than you would like. 

With this in mind, a traditional extension is quite strictly limited with where windows can go and how they have to be laid out, whilst with a loft conversion, you can choose the style of window you like and enjoy your space in privacy.

Tools Accountability 

We’re confident you are familiar with losing your tools because they can get misplaced easily in a disordered and cluttered garage. 

With an organised garage, you get to avoid buying the same equipment and tool over and over. 

You can restfully focus on your work without having to waste time on an endless search for your tools.

Accident Avoidance 

Disorderly garages are a time bomb waiting to explode. 

Most things with no designated spaces are usually dumped on the floor and can lead to unforeseen contingencies like accidents.


Another advantage of a garage storage loft is that it makes the level of your productivity skyrocket since your tools are properly arranged and organised.

Spacious Garage Loft 

Even the primary aim(space) of installing a garage storage loft is beneficial. 

According to specialists, we all need space and proper ventilation in our life, and a garage loft with no free room is no garage at all.


Losing Storage Space

If your loft is currently your main storage area, where will all the things go? 

It can be challenging to find new homes for everything you store in the loft when it is turned into a functioning room, but you could choose to use the lowest points of the room to build in cupboards and utilise this for storage.

Tight and Narrow

You may find that your loft conversion is not suitable as a room for sleeping in, simply because of the sloped ceiling that many modifications will have, and roofs less than 2 metres could be problematic when it comes to fitting in furniture; let alone standing up with ease.

Not Always Possible

Getting your heart set on a loft conversion is not a good idea until you have had an expert’s opinion. 

Houses with low pitched roofs are not always suitable to be converted, and therefore you could find yourself disappointed. 

Others can be converted, but they require roof remodelling, and it can get costly. 

There are also strict regulations surrounding roof remodelling for loft conversion, so it is worth talking to an expert before you make your decision.

How To Build Garage Storage Loft

While the obvious benefit of having a garage is to guard your vehicle against harsh weather conditions and theft and defacement if fortified with a locked garage door, storing vehicles is not its only function. 

They also serve as multipurpose buildings for different tasks. 

A garage loft is an extra storage built inside, and this article focuses on how to build a storage loft.

As many experts have said, keeping your things off the floor will not only provide you with the luxury of outright convenience but also allows you to save some space.

In essence, having a garage storage loft is a good idea as you can never go wrong with it. 

Kindly pay undivided attention, as the subsequent paragraphs will give you an insight on how to go about it. With this, you can have fun while being your architect!

Garage Storage Loft Ideas

Can You Build A Loft In A Garage2

When you’re faced with the dilemma of having a full garage, your mind is bothered with different questions like: “Can I do something about it?”, “Can I add more storage in it?”, “How do I go about it?”

Your ultimate answer has a garage storage loft. In the end, you will be left with a spacious garage capable of storing a bit of everything.

Wooden Hanging Rack

The best part about this specific idea is that you can personalise it by customising the rack to your taste if you wish. 

Fix this rack on the wall for the garage ceiling storage and attach the planks with a gap between them to hang tools, materials, umbrellas, and other items. 

You can store all the extra equipment and tools on the wooden hanging rack. It is one of the toppers of garage storage loft ideas incorporating beauty and capacity to your garage.

Standing Wall Shelves 

Think vertical when you want to add shelves as part of your storage loft ideas because compared to their horizontal shelf counterparts, they provide more room and save up space. 

The better news of this loft idea is that you can add small wooden cabinets to the shelf to maximise the percentage of storage capacity.

One of the most helpful storage loft ideas that will make your garage operation smoother is placing the garage storage shelf on both sides of the entrance door, on the sides of the window, or any free area on the garage walls.

Loft Shelf With Stairs 

This is one of the most creative garage ceiling storage ideas you can adopt. Different variants can turn out from your imagination and ideas for your storage loft. 

To your wooden shelf, you can add wooden stairs and even put drawers under the stairs. 

Although this is based on individual preference, it is a lovely idea you should put into consideration.


In your quest to build a storage loft, bear in mind that this pegboard is a must-have in your garage. 

It is easy to install and relatively inexpensive. Made from a resilient material that can withstand wear and tear, pegboards are simple add-ons to your space. 

The board has pre-installed hooks on which tools can be arranged, making it suitable for garage organisation.

Mount A Rack 

Sometimes it seems like you have only two options: parking your vehicle outside or doing away with your stuff when your garage is getting filled up. 

Brood no more because you have a third option of garage roof storage, and that’s where ideas like mounting a rack come from.

Designed to hang the edges of containers and keep them safe and secure, they consist of metal bars that attach to the ceiling and hang down slightly.

You can keep things like sports nets and other long objects around the bars of the rack. Garage Storage Solutions features an innovative wall system with heavy-duty sliding wall components such as hooks, garage shelving and stylish, durable steel cabinets designed to hold your gear securely and neatly in place.


Did we forget to mention that one of the downsides of mounting a rack is that it won’t store more oversized items? 

And this is why you should consider using hooks. 

Using hooks allows for ultimate storage as it can hold a lot of weight and can, in turn, be used to store heavier items like bikes, lawn equipment, and sports nets.

Door Extensions

The backside of your door is mostly of no use, so you can attach a metal frame to it to extend your space, and you can put all the tools and spare parts you need to access on the door extension.

Canvas Wall Organizer 

As a result of its multipurpose and durable nature, cotton canvases are best to organise your garage. 

It does not need to join other numerous items on the floor and can fit in most doors.

Magnetic Tool Holder 

There are many small tools in the garage that are susceptible to getting lost. You can bring an end to this while also making your garage organised with a magnetic tool holder.

Metal Monkey Bars

Using these monkey bars, you can store tools and umbrellas, which is the most effortless way to add space to your garage. 

Their installation price is also affordable and has a considerable level of storage capacity.

Garage Loft Storage Building Guide 


Constructing a garage storage loft is not challenging, and it doesn’t eat up your luxurious time. So we’ve tirelessly put together a step-by-step guide that will help you build your storage loft, giving your garage a fashionable, organised, and updated look.

Tools Required 

To put a garage loft together, you will need the following tools:

  • Wooden posts
  • Plywood boards
  • Wooden boards
  • Lumber screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Bits
  • Drills
  • Lag bolts
  • Joist hangers
  • Joist nails
  • Post anchors

Preparation And Planning 

They say if you want to chop down a tree in six hours, you should sharpen your axe for four hours, and that is to explain to you how preparation and planning are the heart and core of any project. 

After getting the tools and materials you need, this is the next step. 

However, it is essential to know that the tools stated above were not awarded specific sizes because the size depends on the size of the storage loft you want to build and the size of your garage. 

In your preparation, you should make sure you don’t damage the authenticity of the house. 

In your dealings, always ensure you don’t jeopardise the sole purpose of your garage by making sure there is enough space for your vehicle.

When you plan for your garage loft, use a post and if it’s an enormous loft, add supports. For example, for a floor joist, allow enough space of 15 inches and the boards along the four sides of the attic. 

These simple guidelines will help you determine the size of the lumber that the garage storage loft will require. 

At the lumber store, you can decide to have the lumber cut to the size you want or go cut them at home by yourself using a circular saw if you have the know-how and to be honest; it’s not that tough.

Assembly Process

You need to gather tiny things to form a whole material in building your garage storage loft. 

For instance, you need to secure the boards to the wall making use of about 3 inches lag bolts into the studs. 

Use some wood to attach the posts’ anchor, then screw them and secure them to their positions. 

Fix the ledger boards and screw each panel on the wallboards and the support post positioned on the floor.


The next step after assembly is installing the joists. This is where you get to use your joist nails and joist hangers. 

Be sure that the hangers you nailed on the left and right sides are steady enough. Then, put the joists into these hangers. 

The floor supports you installed earlier will hold and support the loft because it is resilient enough.

Take plywood boards and lay them over the joists, and there you go; you have your flooring.

Tips To Maximising Your Loft Storage

The size of the garage determines the size of the loft. That being said, a garage with an 8 to 9 feet high ceiling can still accommodate a storage loft, albeit a small one.

When you store items, try to sort the things according to how often you use them. 

If you use an item often, be sure that it is readily accessible at all times. Likewise, if you use an item seasonally, you can put them behind other more needed things.

Place them near the rear end of the loft for the heavy items and move them to the ledger board. 

After you do so, try to spread the weight evenly across the loft. Never overload any section of the attic.

If you have a short garage ceiling, you can opt for a ladder (preferably aluminium or wooden) about 10-foot tall instead of built-in steps. 

A ladder will not take up space, and you can move it anywhere.

Final Thoughts 

There is stuff you don’t need or can’t put inside the house, and this is why a proper garage storage system can be a simple addition to your garage. 

Exploring new ideas of how to build a garage storage loft is fast and straightforward. As a result, this will suitably satisfy your storage requirements! Garage storage wall hooks should form part of any garage makeover as they provide a clean and really easy way to lift anything from your garage floor and have it accessible via your garage wall.

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