When To Consider A Detached Garage

When To Consider A Detached Garage?

Adding a garage to your home will not only transform your day-to-day life, but it can also add value to your home, making this addition a significant investment in your home. 

However, once you have decided to have a garage built, you will need to decide whether an attached or detached garage is suitable for your home.

Whether you’re renovating your existing home or considering plans for new construction, it’s essential to understand the differences between detached and attached garage structures. 

There are many factors to weigh, including your new garage door budget, lot size, safety concerns and the contents you intend to store. 

Once you compare the benefits of each garage style, you’ll find the right fit for your home.

While many people may initially think that an attached garage would be the best option due to its convenience, there are many benefits a detached garage can provide as well. 

If you are considering adding a garage to your property, here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose a detached garage. Can I find garage storage cabinets to match my style? Absolutely! Even the cabinets in the garage should reflect your unique tastes and style. Garage Storage Solutions offers stylish storage in a variety of materials and finishes.

Detached Vs. Attached Garages

Just as the name suggests, an attached garage is connected to your home, sharing one wall and featuring direct access into the house. 

A detached garage is freestanding and completely separate from your home, whether a few feet or several yards away.

The Benefits Of A Freestanding Garage

You might prefer a detached garage if your lot size is long and narrow, as this structure can be built behind the home to take advantage of the space. 

These garages are also considered safer, as carbon monoxide fumes won’t be seeping into your home through the garage entry door. 

Plus, if you have overnight guests, building a detached garage with living quarters upstairs is cheaper and easier than attempting one attached to the home.

Attached Garage Advantages

Cost is a factor with home renovations, so an attached garage may be a better option for your budget. 

These typically cost less since one wall already exists, and you’re constructing an addition to the home rather than starting from scratch. 

In addition, you’ll likely prefer an attached structure that shelters you from winter and foul weather as you get to your car. 

If you have a smaller home, these structures are handy for storing household items that you want easily accessible. 

They also offer a perfect spot for a freezer or second refrigerator.

If you’re considering making changes or building a new garage, take the time to research the differences between detached and attached garages. 

You need to understand the advantages of each type of structure. Then, depending on your circumstances and physical situation, you’ll find the one that’s right for you.

What Happened To The Detached Garage?

Integrating the garage structure into the home itself as an attached structure began to become popular in the late 1940s, as greater prosperity led to larger cars—and more of them. 

In the 1950s, many families found themselves able to own two cars, and using the attached garage as the main entry point to the home became a common practice.

By the 1960s, 60 per cent of new homes were built with garages (and at a much higher percentage in non-urban areas), and by the 2000s, fully 80 per cent of all homes had garages. Moreover, the majority of these are attached garages.

Reasons To Consider A Detached Garage

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Detached Garages Are Easier To Add

When adding a garage to your property, adding an attached garage to your home can be much more complicated. 

When adding an attached garage, you are limited as to where you can place the garage since it must be connected to your house, and you may be determined on the size and design of the garage since it will need to blend into the current structure. 

By choosing a detached garage, you can add the dream garage you have always wanted without considering how it works as an extension of your home.

Potential Expansion Options

Choosing a detached garage will also likely be easier to expand your garage down the road. 

While attached garages generally have limited space around them, detached garages tend to be on a more isolated plot of land, making it easier to add a studio, office, or pool house to your garage in the future.

Fire Safety

Detached garages are also popular due to their increased fire safety. 

With an attached garage, if a fire were to break out in your garage, it would be easy for the fire to spread to your home and vice versa.

However, the separation a detached garage provides between your home and your garage reduces the risk of fires spreading, which can help to minimise any potential damage.

Ultimately, detached and attached garages each have their benefits and drawbacks, and the option that will be best for you will depend on the layout of your property and your unique needs. 

The Beauty Of Separation

More and more homeowners are beginning to discover the advantages of a separate garage when building a new house or when it’s time to rebuild an old garage. 

One option fueling this trend is converting an attached garage into living space, then building a separate, detached garage for vehicle and tool storage (and everything else garages are great for). 

Breath Of Fresh Air

If you live in a moderate climate, you might enjoy the walk through a nicely landscaped path from the car to the house. 

Homes seeking certification for environmental building practices often receive green points for detached garages because the separation prevents toxic fumes from cars from getting into the house.

A Home Office Away From Home

An attached garage can be ideal for adding on or converting the space to a home office. In addition, being away from the house offers quiet and solitude from the everyday household activity. 

And you can’t beat the commute. In addition, an attached garage can keep noise, odours, and fire hazards separate from the primary residence when serving as a workshop or office.

What Is Your Detached Garage For?

Beyond your property’s practical considerations, be honest about what your intentions are for building this garage. 

If your main goal is to avoid having to tramp through rain and snow to get to your vehicle on inclement mornings, then an attached garage with direct access to your home is the way to go. 

If you’re looking to set up that wood or auto shop you’ve always wanted, then a detached version can offer more space, privacy, and limit noise for other people in the house than a garage that’s directly attached.

Ultimately, the attached models can present safety hazards if you store many fuel, paints, oils or other materials that put off harmful fumes. 

Storing them in a detached model means you won’t have to worry about those chemicals leaking into your home.

What Will Fit Your Home Best?

Another thing to consider when deciding between a detached or an attached model is your current home’s style, age, and condition (and those in your neighbourhood). 

The attached models are relatively new in the world of homebuilding.

If you’ve got an older or historic home, an attached garage is going to look forced and out of place. 

The awkward look may draw hairy eyeballs from your neighbours if you live in an area where older homes are the norm. In such cases, it’s almost always wiser to opt for a detached model instead. 

If you live in an older neighbourhood, alleys and other access points also make a detached garage a good choice.

Thoughts On Garage Building

Finally, think about how substantial of a building project you’re ready for. For example, an attached garage is just a significant home addition. 

You’ll be adding quite a bit to your structure, but your contractor will also be able to utilise pre-existing walls in the construction process and maybe save you a little money.

A detached garage is more akin to building a tiny house from scratch, including digging out and pouring a foundation and then building your new garage from the ground up. 

It’s a little more significant project, though you will have a little more leeway in designing everything exactly how you want it.

Before you begin with either project, consider these tips.

  • Remember to insulate this space. Even if you aren’t planning on using this as living space, it is much easier and cheaper to protect while you build than to figure out later that you need some A/C or a heater in there. If you aren’t confident, this will be a livable space, opt for the least expensive insulation.
  • Build storage into your plan. Storage can be in the form of cabinets or shelving, or overhead storage. Your dreams right now might be to have this be a studio or an office, but you will start storing things in here because it will be empty—plan for organising the stuff that will appear once your garage is built.
  • Don’t forget security. Both attached and detached present their issues, but presumably, you are building this garage to put things of value in it, whether cars, computers, bikes, or family, make sure everything is protected. Be sure to ask your insurance if you can get a rebate if you equip this new space with a quality security system, as it is expected that insurance agencies do this.

Better Look With More Design Options

A detached garage can reduce or even eliminate the effect of the garage-dominated facade—also known as “garage-forward”—that has plagued suburban architecture in modern times. 

Also, if you have a small house, adding an attached garage can overwhelm it. A detached garage can be a much more aesthetically pleasing option.

A detached garage can be set at an angle to the house, or set back from the house, or hidden in the backyard, or even look like a bit of house or cottage all its own. 

You can’t do that with an attached garage.

Adding living space above a detached garage can be easier than an attached garage, especially if the detached garage is planned for new construction: the garage is not subject to design limitations imposed by the main house.

Different Garage Types

What Is An Attached Garage?

Many houses built in recent decades have garages “built on” or built when the house was constructed. 

This type of garage is, as the name states, attached to the home with a doorway into the main house from the garage itself. 

This is the most convenient garage for those living in cold weather areas since it eliminates the need to walk through rain, wind, snow, or other inclement weather. 

However, some think this type of garage takes away from the house’s character since, most times, it is somewhat separate from the main roofline. 

It will often look a bit like an afterthought and a separate building stuck onto the main building. You are limited in style with an attached garage, and you’re stuck with what you have!

Attached is Garage Distinct Feature(S)

  • Attached to a house
  • A doorway connects both buildings.


  • Eliminates exposure to harsh weather
  • Convenient and direct access from garage to house


  • May detract from the character of the house.
  • Limited in style
  • Not easily customisable
  • Car fumes etc., can make easy drift into the house.

When To Choose An Attached Garage

Often when we go to purchase a home, the attached garage may already be there. So, you will not have much choice in that situation. 

However, if you want to add a garage to your property, an attached garage might be suitable for you if…

  • Your homeowner’s association allows for only this type of garage.
  • You have a disability where easy access from car to house is ideal.
  • The attached garage-style suits your personal taste best.

What Is An Integral Garage?

An integral garage is much like an attached garage except for having much more thought put into the aesthetics of the entire house. 

It is an attached garage built within the main house’s parameters, using design techniques more pleasing to the eye than simply connecting another building to the existing one.

One of the disadvantages of both an attached garage and an integral garage is its strong points. 

The doorway into the home is adjacent to the garage. This connection can allow unwanted fumes and smells to enter the main house. Complete your garage organisation plan by getting your gear off the floor with Garage Storage Solutions’ smart shelving and basket storage.

Preventing this unpleasant experience can be as simple as making sure the doors entering the house are well-sealed and airtight. A petite weather stripping goes a long way!

Integral Garage Distinct Feature(S)

  • You are attached to your home with extra care to detail, aesthetics, and within the same design techniques.
  • Permanent Structures


  • Eliminates exposure to inclement weather
  • Easy and convenient access from garage to home
  • Prioritises aesthetically enhancing and complementing your home.


  • Car fumes etc., can easily drift into the home.
  • Not ideal if one desires to work on a “loud” hobby due to how integrated the garage is within the house.

When To Choose An Integral Garage

This type of garage is also more commonly built into the home before purchase. However, if you want to add a garage to your property, an integral garage might be suitable for you if…

  • You want an attached garage to be as aesthetically complementary to your home as possible.
  • You desire or need the easy and convenient access provided by the adjacent door.
  • Your homeowner’s association allows for only this type of garage.

What Is A Semi-detached, Or Breezeway Garage?

A semi-detached or breezeway garage, in many ways, has all the benefits of an attached or integral garage without the downside. 

With a breezeway connecting the garage to the house, good inclement weather is an outside problem.

A breezeway garage can easily be added to an existing house and allows you to be creative, especially if you get a prefab garage builder to design your garage to your taste. 

Imagine a Cape Cod style, with a story on top of the garage itself, where you can build your dream man cave.

Best of all, the nasty smells and fumes are far enough from the house itself that they pose no problem.

Semi-detached, Breezeway Garages Distinct Feature(S)

  • They are connected to the house by a breezeway (connecting walkway, enclosed or semi-enclosed)
  • There is no direct connection between the garage and your home.
  • Permanent Structures


  • Removes the possibility for fumes or carbon monoxide to drift into the home
  • Protects from unpleasant or cold weather
  • Maintains easy and convenient access from garage to the house


  • More expensive garage route
  • Requires more of your property’s space
  • It May be challenging to incorporate into your current home’s setup and property.

When To Choose A Semi-attached, Or Breezeway Garage

If you want the best of both worlds, owning an attached garage without literally being attached! Also, choose this type of garage if…

  • You want to avoid the potential dangers of car fumes.
  • You want or need easy and convenient access from the garage to the house.
  • The breezeway garage attracts the ideal aesthetics of all your property’s buildings.

What Is A Detached Garage?

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A detached garage has no connection to the house. This, of course, means carrying groceries through the rain or delightful snow at times! 

However, detached garages offer a standalone structure that can not only effectively house your car(s) but offer additional space for workshops, such as woodworking, etc. 

Because detached garages are unattached structures, the noise of cars and woodworking adventures disappears before reaching your house. In addition, detached garages can be built anywhere on one’s property.

Detached Garage Distinct Feature(S)

  • Completely unattached from your home
  • Permanent structures


  • Eliminates ALL potential for car fumes etc. to drift into the home
  • Eliminates all car noises and workshop rackets from disturbing your home’s peace
  • Flexibility in location
  • Provides an opportunity for versatile buildings (your garage can add a uniqueness of its own)
  • Provides a chance to enjoy the fresh air during the transition from car to house


  • Requires exposure to unpleasant weather conditions
  • Less convenient access from garage to the house
  • Detracts from the desire for a singular conglomeration of your property’s buildings

When To Choose A Detached Garage

A detached garage may be the best fit for you if…

  • You want to avoid all potential for dangerous car fumes creeping into your house.
  • The idea of a separate building suits your visual fancy.
  • You want to avoid the noise of your favourite hobby or vehicle.
  • You enjoy getting the occasional fresh air that comes from your garage to house commute.

What Is A Prefab Detached Garage?

When you think of a prefab garage, you may think of a minor, cheaply built, and nonpermanent structure. 

However, if you go with a reputable prefab garage builder, the opposite is true. Prefab detached garages are built with high-quality materials and with detailed, skilled craftsmanship. 

They can also be permanent structures. Many prefab garages are available not only in one car style, but two, three, and even four! 

Endless, personal customisation opportunities are also available with prefab detached garages.

Prefab Detached Garage Distinct Feature(S)

  • Standalone structures
  • Permanent and mobile capabilities
  • Pre-built


  • One of the most affordable garage types
  • Can be transportable if necessary or desired
  • Eliminates ALL potential car fumes etc. from drifting into the home
  • Eliminates unnecessary or bothersome noises from your vehicles or “loud” hobbies
  • Flexibility in property location
  • Provides a chance to get fresh air
  • Endless Customisation available
  • The best option for an extra workshop or hobby space


  • Causes exposure to unpleasant weather conditions
  • The less convenient transition from the garage to the house
  • Some homeowner’s associations may restrict this type of garage.
  • It can be less durable (this depends on whether you go with a reputable garage builder or not)

When To Choose A Prefab Detached Garage

A prefab detached garage may be the pick for you if…

  • You want a more affordable option for a high-quality garage.
  • You want special and unique customisation options.
  • You want to dedicate a second space for a workshop, home business, or expanding hobby.

What Is A Carport Garage?

Carport garages are the most economically priced metal structures that will protect your vehicle from inclement weather. 

Although your choices are more limited than with a prefab detached garage, if you want to pinch your pennies, this garage may be for you! 

They are even available in larger sizes for RV’s and similarly sized vehicles. While we usually think of carports as having only a protective roof, carport garages can be customised with open or enclosed sides.

Carport Garage Distinct Feature(S)

  • Durable yet straightforward structures commonly built with just a protective roof
  • Pre-built


  • Most affordable vehicle protection
  • Customisation available for the addition of enclosed sides
  • Variety of unique colour and style customisation available
  • Provides sufficient protection for RVs and oversized vehicles


  • Requires exposure to harsh weather during the commute to the house
  • Less available choices than prefab detached garages
  • Can provide less protection from the weather (if you choose a carport with only a roof)

When To Choose A Carport Garage

They say money speaks…so this may be the best fit for you if…

  • It would help if you had the most affordable option for a garage.
  • All you need is the primary protection for your vehicle or RV. A storage solution from Garage Storage Solutions can transform your garage into a social focal point for visitors with a modern look.
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