What Is The Best Way To Store Bikes In A Garage2

What Is The Best Way To Store Bikes In A Garage?

This blog post is about how to store bikes in a garage. It will cover the different ways one can keep their cycle and what factors should be considered when deciding which way to store your bike.

There are many types of storage for bikes. Some people have their room dedicated to them while others don’t take up much space! If you’re looking for some new ideas on where to put your bike, then this article might help you out! Garage storage wall hooks should form part of any garage makeover as they provide a clean and really easy way to lift anything from your garage floor and have it accessible via your garage wall.

Help You Better Organise Your Garage

What Is The Best Way To Store Bikes In A Garage2

Start With A Plan

The first thing you need to do is have a plan in place. You will need to consider several things when you are developing your project. This includes:

  • The amount of space you have
  • The number of bikes that need to be stored
  • How you can make the best use of the space

Answer these questions. Then, start to think about the types of bike racks for the garage that will work well for you. You can also get a better sense of the other work that you will need to do.

Clean And Organise The Garage

Once you have a basic plan, it’s time that you clean out and organise your garage. It would help if you got rid of old items that you no longer use or don’t need. 

They can be given away, donated, recycled, or thrown away. Cleaning will ensure you have more space in your garage to use for the bikes.

Store Items Out Of The Way

Items that don’t need to be on the garage floor should be moved. They could be stored on shelves, for example. 

You want to have as much floor space as possible for the bikes. You might also need to have room for your vehicle if you keep it in the garage.

Look At Different Storage Ideas And Bike Racks For The Garage

Once the garage is cleaned, and in good shape, you can start to look at garage bike storage ideas. You know how much space you have to work with. Fortunately, you will find a wealth of readily available options. Let’s look at a few of the options below.

  • Bicycle lifts that keep the bikes off the ground
  • Bike wall storage racks (horizontal or vertical)
  • Hanging racks
  • Floor bike racks
  • Ceiling racks (with these, you need to be sure the garage door can still open properly)

Bicycle Lifts

Bicycle lifts will keep the bike off the ground. There are many types of charges available for one or multiple cycles. You could opt for freestanding horizontal racks that can provide several tiers of rack space for bikes.

Bike Wall Storage

You will find several options available for bike wall storage, too. There are clips and hooks that you can add to your wall to hold your bikes. 

There are both vertical and horizontal options available. In addition, hooks and clips are available in different sizes, so it should be possible to store a range of different types of bikes. 

This includes mountain bikes, road bikes, kids bikes, and more. Wall clips tend to be minimalistic so that they won’t take up too much space or attention on the wall.

Hanging Racks

You can opt for hanging bike racks, as well, if you feel they will be a better solution. But, again, there are multiple options available, as many companies today are making these types of racks. 

A floor-to-ceiling tension rack could be a good solution, as could a hoist system that can pull the bike off the ground and suspend it from the ceiling. As seen in the photo below, Rubbermaid even makes a hanging rack that might work for your garage.

Floor Bike Racks

Freestanding floor bike racks can be an excellent choice for those who can’t drill into the wall or ceiling of their garage. 

These types of racks can be moved around and repositioned as needed. In addition, you can find a range of styles of floor bike racks, including those that can hold just one bike or racks for several.

Ceiling Racks

With the ceiling racks, you will need to be careful about where they are placed and the amount of space you have available for your garage door to open.

One of the significant benefits of this option is that it will help you free up a substantial amount of floor space. 

However, kids may not be able to access the bikes on their own. Ceiling installation tends to be more difficult, as well.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for you to consider. But, first, think about how you need to use the space in the garage. This will ensure you make the right choice.

Keep in mind the number of bikes you have. You want to have bike racks for the garage for all of your bikes.

However, you could opt for a model that can hold additional bikes. This will allow you to have a place to store extras. 

If you have friends who visit with bikes, this could be a good idea. The same is true if you decide to get more bikes down the road. You don’t want to have to get an entirely new storage system.

Remember to keep your garage door locked. You might even want to lock up your bikes while they are in the garage. This could help to deter theft in case someone gets inside.

Keep your bikes organised with the right system for garage bike storage.

Clever Bicycle Storage Ideas

Keep Your Bicycle Safe, Secure, And Out Of The Way

Bicycles are a timeless joy. They offer an environmentally friendly mode of transportation, an excellent tool for exercise, and a fun pastime for enjoying the fresh air and seeing the sights. 

To keep them from adding clutter to your yard, garage, apartment, or home, and to ensure their safety while transporting them, we’ve gathered up some clever bicycle storage ideas for different budgets, styles and purposes.

Simple, Stylish Pegs

If you don’t have a garage to store your bike, try putting it on display the stylish way in your home. 

Sleek pegs will hold your bike on a wall, offering an aesthetically pleasing option for your bicycle storage idea.

Heavy Duty Garage Hooks

Another option for vertical bike storage is these heavy-duty hooks. While it may seem like a quick fix to jam your bikes together in a corner, you’re taking up valuable space! These hooks are an excellent option for your bicycle storage ideas, as they utilise unused wall space.

Vertical Bike Storage

You can roll your front wheel into the stand to secure it horizontally if you have the wall space. Roll your rear wheel into the air for vertical bike storage and flip your bike to store it on one wheel.

Garage Ceiling Bike Storage Hooks

The ceiling is often overlooked in terms of bicycle storage possibilities. With the simple use of these hooks screwed into the garage ceiling, you can securely store your bicycle out of the way.

Weatherproof Bike Tent

Weatherproof outdoor bike storage is essential if you have several bikes you’d like to shield from the elements. 

A space-saving bike storage tent made of tear-resistant and UV-resistant tarp will do the trick. And because it can be quickly installed and dismantled in less than 10 minutes without tools, it should be on your list of clever bicycle storage ideas.

Mounted On A Wall

If you have a gorgeous bike you don’t want collecting dust in the garage and have a wall in your home begging for something unique, try hanging up your wheels. 

Small Bike Storage Shed

For easy access to bikes, add this smart option to your bicycle storage setup. Its large capacity, low profile design and three-door locking system ensure it takes up little space while offering secure bike storage.

Old School Bike Rack

For a fun-meets-functional way to hold bikes, you should be on your radar for clever bike storage on the floor. 

Providing easy-meets-organised access in the garage or out in the open in the driveway, these metal floor racks have room for six bikes.

Durable Cover

An easy option for keeping your bicycle safe from rain is a durable cover. Look for bicycle storage that features tough fabric and waterproof backing protecting bicycles against rain, snow, dirt and UV damage. In addition, it can fit one or two full-size bikes.

Adjustable Leaning Stand

Adjustable stands allow you to work with different spaces and bike designs. This idea for your bicycle storage lets you store two bikes vertically without mounting any hardware into the wall. The adjustable arms move up and down, allowing you to fit differently sized bike frames.

Multi-bike Storage Pole

Store multiple bikes the stylish way with this clever option. The system features an innovative, spring-loaded floor-to-ceiling design that doesn’t require permanent support. In addition, the adjustable frame cradles can fit most bikes, from a road bike to a mountain bike.

Heavy Duty Cargo Case

In need of a heavy-duty travel case for your road trip? A cargo case is a solid choice for your bicycle storage ideas. The case features a rugged shell that will keep your wheels safe and secure.

Storage Locker

A high-security addition to your bicycle storage setup, this locker will give you peace of mind when your bike is not in use. The window allows you to keep an eye on what’s inside. Choose between acrylic or perforated steel powder coating.

Benefits Of Garage Bike Storage

There are plenty of benefits reaped from having the proper garage bike storage. Not only will it help with ensuring the safety of your ride, but it’ll also extend the longevity of your bike, so you won’t need to worry about repairs or replacement – especially if you’ve only had it for a short period.

If you leave your bike outside and don’t invest in proper storage, it can cause significant damage to your bike. 

Not only will the chain of your bike start to rust – especially if you live in a humid, wet area, the parts of your bike will also begin to degrade. 

With heat, for example, the plastic and rubber parts of your bike will start to break down, the colours will fade, and even the plastic will become brittle. With cold weather, you’ll have to deal with rust and seized parts if you’re not storing your bike correctly.

While it’s okay to leave your bike out for a day or two, you wouldn’t want to leave it outside for an extended period. Storing it in a garage will protect your bike from damage. 

With proper storage, you’ll also avoid accidentally running into your bike and prevent it from being a safety hazard to any younger children. Garage Storage Solutions features an innovative wall system with heavy-duty sliding wall components such as hooks, garage shelving and stylish, durable steel cabinets designed to hold your gear securely and neatly in place.

Bike Storage Pros And Cons


  • Wide variety. Since there are different types of bike storage, you’re sure to be able to find one that suits your needs best.
  • Keep your bike safe. You won’t have to worry about your bike getting stolen if it’s safely stored in your garage.
  • Extends the longevity of your bike. Since your motorcycle is indoors, you’re protecting it against all sorts of weather conditions.


  • Overwhelming. With so many types of bike storage available on the market, you may not know where to start or what you need.
  • Price. Depending on the model, some bike storage types can be relatively expensive – they’re worth the investment if you want to keep your bike stored safely, though!

Different Types Of Bicycle Storage Ideas

What Is The Best Way To Store Bikes In A Garage

A few things you’d need to consider when looking for garage bike storage include where you’re going to set it up, how many bikes you want to fit in the storage, and if it’s easy to assemble. 

It’s also good to take some measurements and figure out how much space you have when setting all of this up.

First, you’ve got the floor bike stand. They’re usually easy to use as all you have to do is wheel your bike into the air. 

They can also hold multiple bikes and are portable, so you can quickly move them around your garage. However, while they’re great, floor bike stands can take up a significant amount of garage floor space.

Then, there’s the gravity bike stand that is a freestanding bike storage rack. It takes up far less space and can hold up to two bikes in a small area; they’re also usually easy to assemble. 

However, the issue with this bike stand is that younger children may not reach it as it’s lifted relatively high.

Next, you’ve got a bike pole. Since these are tension mounted, they’re both easy to set up and takedown. 

They also use minimal space and are easy to move around your garage. Similar to gravity bike stands, however, the top motorcycle is usually placed relatively high up – making it unsuitable for younger children to reach.

Finally, you’ve got wall bike hooks and racks that are typically screwed into wall studs. These are usually the cheapest option and help to free up garage floor space. 

They’re usually relatively small and thus don’t take up much space. While they come with plenty of positives, however, they need to be firmly secure to your garage wall, so some installation work is required. In addition, since the bike will also protrude from the wall, it can be not very pleasant.

Does Your Garage Need Some Work?

It’s certainly important to improve your garage bike storage methods. However, you will also want to make sure that your garage door is in good shape.

Your door will help to ensure that your bike is safe from the elements, thieves, and other potential problems. For example, you might find that you want to have a pedestrian door. This way, you don’t have to open and close the garage door to get the bike in and out.

Additionally, having a new garage door opener will ensure that you have photo-cell safety beams on the door.

It is an important safety feature that has been used on doors since the early 90s. Unfortunately, entries older than this will not have the part, which you will want to remedy. 

The unit contains two pieces installed about four inches from the floor on each side of the door. One of the units emits an infrared beam to the other team, which is a reflector. If something breaks the shaft, it will cause the door to reverse direction and open.

If you have a shed or small garage where you keep your bikes and other gear, you might want to reconsider the type of door on the building. 

You might find that getting a sectional garage door is a better solution. It is a practical option that can make getting items like bikes in and out of the building.

A quality garage door will be insulated to ensure that it’s ready for whatever the weather might throw at it. 

R-Value is the measurement of thermal resistance that is used in construction. It will measure the opposition to the flow of heat. 

The larger the R number, the better the thermal insulation on the door. Weatherstripping and insulation can also help to protect from condensation.

Of course, a new garage door also looks excellent. If your door has seen better days, it’s time to consider getting a new one.

When you are choosing a new garage door, take your time. You want a garage door that looks great and that meets your aesthetic needs. For example, the garage door in the image below might be a good option for you.


The bike storage for your garage is a critical decision. First, of course, you want to store them, but you also need space and some degree of the organisation so that things don’t get too cluttered or look like complete chaos. 

If this sounds familiar, we have five clever bicycle storage ideas that will help make the most out of your available space in the garage with minimal effort! So do yourself a favour and take one step today towards better organising your garage by picking up on these tips. A storage solution from Garage Storage Solutions can transform your garage into a social focal point for visitors with a modern look.

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