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How to Organize Your Messy Garage

Although garages are primarily meant for storing your car, they can be used for storing your other belongings as well. Starting from tools to seasonal items, you can store a whole lot of items safely in a garage. But all of this is only possible when you organize your messy garage correctly. If there are clutters all around, and your garage looks messy, then here’s the post worth checking. Today in this post about how to organize a messy garage, I am sharing all the tips and hacks that can help you to organize your messy garage cheaply. If you apply all these tips and hacks about organizing a garage, you’ll be able to create more space that you can use the way you want.

Despite being such a good extra storage option, we usually ignore organizing the storage space in our garage and keep it cluttered and messy. Many people store items in their garage, but they make it messy, unorganized and sometimes even dirty, while some literally turn it into a dumping ground for all of those items that do not fit inside their home.

Tips for organizing a messy garage cheaply.

Since the garage is also a portion of your house, you got to keep it well maintained, cleaned, organized and tidy all the time. When you organize your garage properly, not only it looks clean and nice, but it helps free up plenty of space that you can use as extra storage space to safely store tools, equipments and other goods as needed.

And if you are struggling to organize your messy garage and wondering what you can do to get it cleaned, organized and tidy, then I can help you with some amazing tips on how to utilize your garage space cheaply.

However, before getting into the details of organizing a messy garage, let me tell you that organizing a very cluttered and messy garage maybe a little time consuming, so be patient. But once you get it right, it won’t take much of effort on your part to keep it cleaned, organized and tidy, so the one-time effort you put in is totally worth it.

It is better if you keep back to back days or back to back weekends for organizing your garage because that way, it will be easier to manage your time and efforts.

Also, it is advisable that you check the weather before starting the work. Dry days are recommended because while organizing it, you will have to pull many belongings off outside the shelter of the garage. And if you get them, then they may get damaged. And, yes, do ask for help because you are dealing with too many items, so the more helping hands you get, the better for you.

And finally, here are the best tips to organize a messy garage cheaply and efficiently. Follow these garage organizing tips to organize your messy garage and create extra storage space easily.

Categorize the items

The first thing you need to do is categorize all the items you have in your garage. Well, the typical categories are sports, recycling, tools, automotive, seasonal decor, recreational equipment etc. Once you have categories, you need to evaluate whether you can store certain items elsewhere or not.

Once categorized, you should start with grouping the items based on the categories you decided on. You may use the cardboard boxes for grouping, but that does not mean that you will only have to store the items inside those boxes. There are various garage storage hacks out there, some of which I will discuss today itself, so you may use them if you want to.

You are coming to those items that you found out randomly in the garage but do not know what to do with them. Well, if you want to keep that item, then assign it to the most similar category or keep it in some space where you can remember that you have that item. If you do not want to keep any stuff, then sell, throw or donate it.

Store as per utility

It’s always better to choose a layout for your garage so that you know what to store where. In addition, it is better to keep each category of items depending on how frequently you use them. Like for example, recycling items can be placed near the entrance, and as for the tools, you may keep them near the workbench. However, while arranging the items, you should also consider the availability of free space.

Garage cabinets

I have seen many people store items like tools and equipments etc., in the boxes kept on the floor. But if you want to store the things in a more organized way, then you should consider garage cabinets as it helps you get organized, and also free up space on the floor of your garage. In fact, I strongly feel that if you have space, you should have a garage cabinet installed in your garage.

Wall organizers

If you seriously want to free up some space in your messy garage, then you must utilize the wall space correctly. Apart from installing garage cabinets, you should also consider wall organizers like hooks, shelves, racks etc. You can hang your belongings on the walls using hooks. This is a good thing because, in this way, you can actually keep your garage floors free of any clutter. If you just utilize the walls of your garage correctly, trust me, it will help you organize your messy garage easily and create plenty of floor space as well.

Ceiling storage

If you do not have enough space on the walls or on the floor of your garage, then you can even consider using ceiling space for storage. And, ceiling-mounted racks are a good option to evaluate. These ceiling-mounted racks are great for storing seasonal items. Just make sure you go for sturdy racks or place a safety net under, especially if you live in an earthquake-prone area.


Folding workbench

If you use your garage as a workshop or for crafting, then it will be a great idea to try a folding workbench. A folding workbench can help you save a lot of space, and it gives you the liberty to work inside your garage as and when needed. You may go for those that are wall-mounted and which can be folded after usage.


Magnetic boards

If you are in the habit of losing bolts and nuts frequently, then having a magnetic board will be very useful for you. You just have to magnetize the small steel and metal parts to the board, mainly when working on something. This is a great way to keep the small things organized, and it will also help you prevent losing them.

Go mobile

One of the innovative ways to save on space is to build a work area with wheels. Trust me, this will make things a lot easier for you. With a mobile workstation, you do not have to remain stuck in one corner. Moreover, you may also use the mobile working table for storing the tools that you use frequently.

Adjustable shelving

If you have kept the seasonal items in your garage like clothes and decorations, upgrading to adjustable shelves will help you move around your storage boxes as required. Using open wall shelves with wooden strips can be a great idea for your garage. You may store the item inside the plastic containers that you can move around.

Organize wires

If you have lots of wires lying around your garage, it will make the whole garage messy and disorganized. So, make sure you tie the wires using zip ties or paper clips. Keep everything inside a drawer together so you know where to search when finding the wires.

Locked power tools

If you have the power tools that you rarely use, it is better to keep them stored in the most inaccessible storage area inside your garage. Also, since these tools usually take up more storage space, you may consider keeping them hidden as well.

Light up properly

Well, lighting up the garage properly is one of the important things to consider. A well-lit garage is a tidy garage and if you use the best lights to light up your garage, that will be helpful to you as far as finding the tools and working in your garage is concerned. Also, it will allow you to hang around your garage space without straining your eyes a lot. It is one of the most basic steps that one should take up to remain safe while working in the garage.

While choosing lights, it is better to go for properly installed overhead lighting as it helps save space compared to plugged-in lamps haphazardly done. 

Door opener

Choosing the right door opener for your garage is seriously important. If you go for motorized doors, it can save a lot of your effort over the years. In addition, it will help keep all of your belongings stowed safely and let light enter with just the flick of a switch.

Then certain doors provide you with the chance to squeeze in some extra storage space. If the door tracks are sturdy, you can attach hooks to them, which will help you hang long items like ladders, etc. 

5 Garage Storage & Organization Tips

Garages often seem to be the catchall location for stuff that needs to be stored. If your car stays outside because you have too many belongings hoarded in the garage, get it organized now by following a few simple steps.

Step 1: Purge Your Garage

In order to get organized, you need to move everything out of the garage. Decide what you need to purge and what you will keep. Toss broken items and sell anything of value that you no longer use. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in a couple of years or more. Hold a garage or yard sale to make some money from the items you need to get rid of. Remember, you can take the proceeds of the sale to buy storage solutions for the stuff you keep.

Step 2: Clean Your Garage Floor

While your belongings are out of your garage, you can give the floor and other areas a good scrubbing. Use a wet/dry vacuum to eliminate cobwebs and other debris. Clean the insides of garbage bins and the areas around them with soap and water. Get an oil-enhanced sweeping compound from your local True Value to quickly sweep away dust from the floor.

You can get rid of grease and oil spots with cat litter and some cola. Pour the cola directly on the stain, then sprinkle with cat litter. The acid in the cola will break up the grease; the cat litter will absorb it. Sweep up with a broom and dustpan and dispose of it. You can also purchase concrete and asphalt cleaner at your local True Value.

To better remove oil and gas stains, apply a laundry pre-treating solution and let it sit for five to 10 minutes. Next, add a little laundry detergent and scrub with a stiff brush. Wipe up residue with paper towels. Next, mop the garage floor with a solution of hot water, bleach and powdered laundry detergent mixed in a bucket. When you’re done, rinse any residue down the drain with a garden hose fitted with a spray nozzle. For more intense cleaning, add trisodium phosphate (TSP) to a bucket of hot water and clean the entire floor with a mop.

Step 3: Start Organizing

Reorganize the things you want to keep into different groups. Sort similar items together. Put auto parts in one area, tools in one, and sports and camping gear in another. This will organize everything until it’s time to store them. It will also separate your garage into useable areas. Dividing your garage into sections will give you the option to set up a workshop and still have room for your vehicle and organized storage.

Step 4: Store in Cabinets, Bins, and Hangers

Garages have more wall space than floor space, so look for wall solutions — and even ceiling solutions. Utility cabinets provide great storage and are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of a garage setting. They are ideal for storing paint cans, spray bottles, buckets, gardening supplies, oil and gas cans, car supplies and more. You can micro-organize inside utility cabinets as well. For example, use plastic bins to store smaller items and label them so that you can locate items when needed. Plastic storage containers are durable and highly adaptable for whatever purpose you need them. They’re also stackable and can have airtight lids so that things stay dry and dust-free for years.

If you have exposed rafters, purchase a sheet of plywood that fits the dimensions of the space and create a loft area to store camping gear, Christmas decorations or other items you need to keep but are too bulky or used to infrequently to store anywhere else. Hanging items from hooks is another good way to eliminate clutter. Shop your local True Value for a variety of hooks and hangers. Simply secure them to wall studs or ceiling rafters. You can hang items such as luggage, gardening tools, ladders, bicycles, toys, etc. Hooks are easier to install if you first drill a hole that’s slightly smaller than the hook’s screw. For example, when adding hooks to concrete walls, drill holes, insert plastic wall anchors then screw in the hooks.

Step 5: Buy or Build Shelves

Installing shelves on the garage walls is an excellent way to keep items out of the way but within easy reach when needed. There are a number of options available commercially, but you can also build a basic utility shelf. Remember, when buying wood, that the top and bottom sections and the two sides should be the same length. Therefore, each shelf should be 1-1/2″ shorter than the top and bottom pieces.

Mark the measurements on your boards with a pencil line. Using c-clamps, attach the board to sawhorses, a sturdy table or a workbench, positioning your pencil line just off the edge. Double-check your measurements. Carefully cut the wood using a handsaw or circular saw. Sand the rough-cut edges with sandpaper.

Main advantages and benefits when using a garage storage system

Believe it or not, there are a lot of benefits and advantages when you decide to use a simple garage storage system. In general, your garage will be a better place to spend some time, and you will be able to use the garage for smarter things. Anyway, the main advantages are listed below.

You will eliminate the floor mess.

Obviously, when you throw away all the garbage and the things you don’t need, you are left with tons of floor space that can be used for the first time after many years. Your garage will look better as well, and you can see people who are making positive comments about your creation.

New space to use

It isn’t actually new, space has been with you at all times, but now you can use it for the first time. This is probably the most important and the most appealing benefit when using a system of this kind. Space can be used for new machines, equipment or storage if you prefer.

Each item can be found within seconds.

There is no need to waste hours and hours into finding the needed item now. Because all the items are carefully organized, you can find anything that you need within seconds. Just look at the labels of the boxes and at the sections you created.

A garage looks so much better.

There is no need to add this obvious advantage. Your garage will look so much better than ever before, and your friends are going to tell you that. On the other side, you didn’t have to invest a huge amount of money or anything else in order to get this benefit.

How to organize the garage space properly?

You may think that organizing your garage space to get the most out of size is a complicated task. Actually, it is one of the simplest things you will have to do in your life. All you should do is to follow the main points we will explain below.

Organize and classify

The first thing you should do is to classify the things and items in your garage. Make a list of all the items you want to store and organize. Then use the logical sorting out and create areas of items in the garage. One area can be for tools, the other for equipment and so on. Don’t sort the items you will never use. Instead, sell them and make an extra profit.

Don’t forget about shelves and cabinets.

Both of these things are extremely important for the proper organization. Using shelves and cabinets will help you store more items and more tools in a smaller area. Add them to the walls and all four corners of the garage if that is possible. You will get a lot of storage space, and you can divide it accordingly. Here you can be creating, and you will get the best organization within minutes.

Be prepared to use pre-made items.

These items refer to the bicycle hangers, additional shelves and etc. What this means is that you should always invest in the pre-made piece of equipment that allows you to place and store more items in your garage using the same amount of space.

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