How to Organize Tools When was the last time you needed a hammer and knew exactly where to find

How to Organize Tools

When was the last time you needed a hammer and knew exactly where to find it? For many people, keeping track of tools isn’t easy. A screwdriver ends up in a sock drawer, or your measuring tape ends in the laundry room. Before you know it, you have to hunt down tools every time there’s a minor repair to be done. Whether you own just a few tools or a large collection, getting them organized could make your life a lot easier [source: Peterson]. Not only will you save time and prevent frustration, but you may waste less money on replacing lost tools.

Initially, getting organized might seem like more trouble than it’s worth because it is time-consuming. But it can pay off in the end. The first thing you need to do is take inventory of all the tools you have. Open every drawer, check every cabinet and find a place where you can lay everything out in front of you. Once you know exactly what you’re dealing with, organizing it will be a cinch. It’s not a bad idea to begin by sorting everything into a few different categories. Put all the hand tools in one spot, all the power tools in another and anything you consider a seasonal tool in its pile. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be off to a great start.

Of course, during the sorting process, you’ll probably find that your tools have many accessories. Your drill, for example, probably has several drill bits, and if you have a socket wrench, you’ve most likely got at least a handful of sockets to go with it as well. You’ll need to decide how you want to organize these. It doesn’t matter how you do it — your system just needs to make sense to you.

10 Unique Tool Organizing Ideas

There isn’t a magic formula for how to organize tools. On the contrary, organizing tools can be a very individual thing. In many cases, placement depends on the function. Are you a woodworker, a home renovator, a weekend warrior? Each skill set comes with different considerations and a different set of tools. For instance, a woodworker might need more small tool storage, whereas a home renovator might need an easily accessible place to organize their power tools. However, there are some basic tools that most homeowners need to store, and there are several clever ways to get the job done.

Create Zones for Different Tools

The first step to organizing tools is to do a thorough inventory. Once you have a general idea of the tools on hand, sort them into like categories. Group all of the power tools, the small hand tools, and so on. Next, create zones and use cabinetry to keep the like items together.

For instance, here’s a DIY storage cabinet designated for table saw equipment. When planning a workshop layout, this cabinet would be hung near the table saw. Details like this might seem trivial at first, but they will enhance the ergonomics of the space.

Build a Tool Cabinet With Pegboard Backing

The best way to organize tools is to customize storage pieces to fit the space. For instance, purchasing a workbench is not nearly as effective as building one with specific storage spots for your tools.

Building a tool cabinet is a smart way to maximize any vertical space you have to spare. Use pegboard as a backing and on the cabinet doors, so you have plenty of surface area to hang tools.

Customize a Wall Panel With Containers and Baskets

Many people prefer open-concept storage in their workshops. For example, instead of storing tools and essentials inside cabinets, homeowners opt to keep these items out in the open.

If you have a blank wall, install a large slat wall system similar to what you see in a retail store. You can use hooks to hang tools. Also, consider storing items inside bins and transparent plastic containers. You’ll be able to pack more items into each square foot that way.

Hang Miscellaneous Tools Off Wall Strips

Again, one of the most effective ways to keep a work surface clear is ample vertical storage space. Tools hidden away in toolboxes and drawers can be forgotten about or misplaced. So the more you can visually see on the walls, the better.

There are many ways to hang tools on a wall, including slat boards and pegboards. Another popular option is to use vertical stripes and anchor hooks on the strip. For smaller tools, consider a magnetic strip.

Organize Commonly Used Tools in a Mobile Workbench

Many people struggle with organising power tools that they often use, especially when they are in the midst of a big project. If you are in the process of renovating a home and find yourself struggling to keep your tools in order, consider adding a mobile workbench into the mix.

The plans for this workbench include ample hanging storage for power tools and space for storing larger tools, such as air compressors. Try to build in as much storage as possible so the top remains a clear work surface.

Utilize Blank Space on the End of Cabinets

The end of a cabinet or workbench is an ideal spot to add extra tool storage. Before you go out and buy wood for this project, check whether you have any scrap pieces you can use instead.

Remember, this location is ideal for commonly used tools, such as screwdrivers, if it is close to your work area. However, if the cabinet is on the other end of the workshop, consider storing something else that you won’t reach for as often in that location.

Store Awkwardly Sized Tools in Totes With Labels

Some tools don’t make sense on a pegboard wall, or maybe they just won’t fit in the space. Instead, organize awkwardly sized items, such as paint rollers and tubes of chalk, inside clear plastic totes. And store the totes on an open shelving unit.

Even though the totes are clear, it is helpful to spend time labelling each container. This step will make it much more likely that you and other members of your household will put the tools back where they belong.

Keep Nuts and Bolts in Clear Mason Jars

Some workers like to save every spare screw, and some don’t. If you are one of the former, make sure you have a system in place for sorting through all these miscellaneous items.

Clear mason jars work well for organizing small parts, but you need to put those jars somewhere that won’t clog up counter space. Consider building open shelves for them to sit on. You can even screw the lids on the underside of a shelf and suspend the jars from their lids.

Set up a Battery Recharging Station

Cordless power tools are wonderful as long as you don’t lose track of their batteries and chargers. Build a custom charging station for your most used power tools, and make sure to add an outlet, so the storage space is functional.

This wall unit works well for a small collection of power tools. But you might require something more substantial if you own significantly more cordless tools than this.

Hang Tools Inside a Cabinet

Not everyone wants their tools out in the open. There is the risk of theft when expensive tools are visible from the outside in a garage or shed if this is the case, store tools inside cabinetry that can be locked.

However, don’t just toss your tools inside the cabinet and call it a day. Instead, keep them organized by hanging them on the cabinet walls. To complete this project, simply line the interior walls of a cabinet with a pegboard.

18 Genius Garage Organization Ideas

The Garage is one of the most unorganized and neglected parts of every house. Unfortunately, it’s that part of the house that we often ignore and tend to let go of. Our Garage looks like a dump if not organised from randomly stacked shelves to dozens of junk drawers.

When it looks like a dump, organizing it is a dreaded task. However, it is essential to organize your Garage if you want a clean space to find everything easily. Fortunately, many clever and easy tips will help you to easily keep it clean and organized.

We’ve rounded up a collection of easy, cheap, and effective garage organization ideas that will quickly help you get it in good order. After all, organizing a garage should not be difficult or expensive.

From installing cabinets to adding some genius organizing products, we got the tips that will make organizing your garage fun, and you won’t stop bragging about it when finished.

Install Cabinets

Cabinets are a great way to organize things in your Garage apart from adding storage. Plus, they are really not that difficult to install yourself as you just have to purchase readymade cabinets and hang them on the walls(not to say that you will also save money by doing so). In fact, you may not need anything apart from cabinets as you can store almost everything in them, making your Garage look clean and organized. Or, if you want to go for a complete DIY solution (including building the cabinets), Familyhandyman has a perfect guide on Installing Large Garage Cabinets.

Magnetic Tool Holder

Ever had trouble finding the right tool in time while digging through all those tools in the drawer? Well, here is a solution to eliminate digging through the drawer and save time and headache. Instead, use a magnetic toolbar to keep all your tools (drill bits, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.) at an arm’s reach. No more digging through a drawer to find what you need!

Make Use of Small Spaces

Have loads of stuff which you want to put away and make the garage look clean? It’s possible. The key is to use even the smallest space possible to put things away. You are utilizing as much space as you can help you to get organized. e.g. if you have a narrow space beside the garage door, put a small cabinet or metal shelves? Fitting a rolling cart under the workbench will help keep things organized and handy when you need them and out of sight when you don’t.

Add a Wall Organizer

Organize your brooms, mops, or garden supplies using an inexpensive wall organizer. This 5-Position Wall Organizer is perfect and inexpensive to get the job done. All you need to do is just attach it to the wall and slide items in by their handles. A perfect way to keep brooms and other cleaning tools off the floor without sacrificing the ease of access.

Get A Tool Tower

You don’t want to ruin your wall by drilling holes. Then this free-standing storage unit is a perfect solution to organize your mops, brooms, or garden supplies. It keeps all of them upright and out of the way.

DIY Screwdriver Rack

A brilliant idea to organize a screwdriver for easy access. After all, it’s always better to have fast access to the exact size of the screwdriver you need, and this easy and cheap project will help you do just that. You don’t even need fresh wood and can use pieces of scrap wood to accomplish this DIY project! All you need to do is to drill a few holes and cut brackets for mounting. Done!

DIY Jumbo Tape Dispenser

A brilliant idea for organizing and using duct tape, especially if you have different coloured tapes of different types. Instead of keeping the rolls buried in the junk drawers, make this duct tape dispenser and mount them to the wall. The best thing is that it serves a dual purpose as it organises your tapes and cuts perfect length every time.

Create a Complete Pegboard System

Pegboards are the easiest and most efficient way to organize things in your Garage. All you need to do is just hang the board on the wall with all the hardware that comes with it, and you can easily store just about anything. As a result, pegboards are sort of a perfect organization system. Some pegboard systems even include hooks and small bins to keep you completely organized from start to finish.

Build a Mud Room

If you don’t have the space for a mudroom, you can dedicate a small space in the Garage to set one up. In fact, the Garage is a perfect place to set a mudroom. A few locker cabinets and canvas totes next to the entryway give you the perfect place to hang jackets, backpacks and also keep muddy shoes from entering your home.

FastTrack Organization System

Many companies make wall hanging systems to organize your tools, garden supplies, etc. And Garage is a perfect place to use these hanging systems and keep these tools and other items in the Garage organized. Installing them is not rocket science. All you need to do is just mount the system and use hooks to hang things up.

 Out-Of-The-Way Ladder Storage

Most of us don’t use the ladder daily, so it utilizes unnecessary floor space in the Garage. But, you can free up that space by resting your ladder on the ceiling. All you need to do is build two identical ceiling brackets, rest your ladder on that, keep it out of your way, and free up the floor space for other use. You can check out the detailed instructions for this project here.

Screw organization

Want to keep nails, screws, and other small items organized? Then this wall mount unit is perfect as you can use it to keep all small items like screws, etc., organized and easily accessible. This ensures that all the small items are in one place and within reach and also saves valuable space. 

The one thing most people don’t take into use while organizing is ‘corners’. That’s right. You can use corners to add few more shelves in the Garage. The plus side of utilizing corners for shelving is that you can take advantage of existing studs(if any) and even use scrap plywood to make them. So adding these shelves become fast, easy, and cheap! In addition, these small corner shelves are perfect for keeping small items such as oils, waxes, glues, etc., handy. Check out the instructions here.

Recycling bin rack

Ah! Recycle bins take up a lot of floor space that otherwise could be used for many other things. So, what you can do to get them out of the way? Take them off the floor and mount them on the wall on top of each other. This will save a lot of floor space, and it costs almost nothing as you can use scrap wood to do this project. Here are easy step by step instructions to make this system for your Garage.

Choose a Corner for Organization

Do you know you can completely organize your entire Garage using just one single corner? That’s right, all you need to do is utilize the corner properly by using all the space, including wall space. For example, you can utilize floor space by adding a workbench, roller shelves, etc. Utilizing wall space is also important. You can do that using pegboards or wall hanging systems. Done! Now you have a perfectly organized garage using just a single corner where you can find everything quickly and easily.

Add Inexpensive Storage Baskets

Dollar store has some amazing products when it comes to organization. And in the case of the Garage, you can use those cheap metal storage baskets. All you need to do is to add a label on them and then mount them to the wall. So now you have ample storage to add all the things from the Garage and keep it organized.

Repurposed Paper Towel Holder

A simple yet clever idea for your garbage bags in the Garage is to use a sturdy kitchen paper towel holder (like this one shown in the picture). Since garbage bags are typically a lot heavier than paper towels, make sure the towel holder is secured well to the wall.

Overhead Garage Rack

Utilizing ceiling space is a great way to organize your Garage, and you can easily use the ceiling space using this overhead rack from Amazon. The best thing about this overhead rack is that you don’t need to separate wire and frame installation, making it quite easy to install. It’s extremely useful, especially for those with a small garage, as it frees up the valuable floor space by utilizing ceiling space and will help you stay happily organized.

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