How To Diy Garage Storage Shelves

How To DIY Garage Storage Shelves?

Do you want to be able to make more space in your garage? Do you need somewhere to store some of the items currently taking up a lot of room? 

Garages can often have too many things and not enough storage. This is where DIY garage storage shelves come in handy! 

They’re easy to make, functional, and will allow you to maximise the space in your garage. Follow these steps for how to DIY your own set of shelves for storing all sorts of goods. Can I find garage storage cabinets to match my style? Absolutely! Even the cabinets in the garage should reflect your unique tastes and style. Garage Storage Solutions offers stylish storage in a variety of materials and finishes.

Simple Tips On How To Diy Garage Storage Shelves

What Should Not Be Stored In A Garage

Freestanding Garage Shelves 

Creating DIY shelves using only 2x4s could never be this easy. However, it is one of the most inexpensive ideas which needs no hands-down experience. 

Not only is it sturdy, but it is also super functional and can store almost anything you want. You can make the shelves as short or long, depending upon the space you have in your garage. 

Apart from that, you can even add more shelves and then secure the rack to the wall to avoid falling. 

Material Required

  • Wooden boards
  • ½-inch self-tapping screws 
  • ½-inch screws
  • Tape measure 
  • Speed square
  • Pencil
  • Safety gear
  • Drill
  • Circular/table saw
  • Power sander

The first step in building one of the most amazing DIY garage storage shelves is to cut the wooden board for the legs and shelf supports. 

Before cutting the board into the planks, measure it using a tape measure and pencil.

Fix all the pieces using a drilling machine and tapping screws. Your frame is now ready. Before setting it up, make sure you mark the points on the wall to fix them later on. 

After that, using the circular or table saw, cut the board for the shelves. Finally, thread these planks for shelves through the frame and keep them rested. 

Taking the screws, fix the shelves with the frame. This step may take a little while, so be patient. 

Use a wood primer or conditioner on the shelf to make it look neat and complete.

Attach this freestanding shelf to the wall with a couple of screws to prevent falling off when you place different objects on it. 

One of the most accessible DIY shelves for the garage is now ready. Place large containers or boxes which have all your essential tools on these shelves. 

Apart from that, you can easily place extensive garden tools or household cleaning tools like a vacuum on these shelves. 

Wall Hanging Storage Shelf

It doesn’t matter if you have an extensive collection of tools or can’t find a place to keep your tech gears, don’t worry! 

We have one of the most versatile shelving ideas for you. In this rack, you will find all the things within your reach.

Apart from being easy to build, the rack can fit any wall and save you a ton of space. In addition, the DIY garage storage project requires very little equipment. 

The grooves in the frame can easily accommodate wooden slats so that you can easily rearrange the tools. 

Things You Will Need

  • Wooden board
  • Table saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Nails
  • Drilling machine
  • Varnish and paint brush

To bring this wall hanging storage shelf to life, you will first build the outer frame. The outer edge should be rectangular with a partition that separates both sides equally.

With the help of a table saw, cut the pieces of the frame after measuring them with tape and pencil. Attach them using a drilling machine and nails.

Now, cut wide pieces of planks from the board and attach them to the frame. Leave some space between these planks to adjust the slats.

To make the slats, you will require a flat piece of board with narrow slabs surrounding it. Fix these between the empty spaces of the planks as per your requirement. 

You can customise these slats and adjust them with heavy and bulky equipment as well. Using a wood primer or varnish gives the rack a complete finish. 

This vertical storage space is the ultimate choice for any garage. It holds most of the equipment in place without having to worry about losing them with time. 

The slats here play an essential role. They can store heavy-duty equipment like drilling machines or wooden planners. 

Turn your garage into one of the cleanest spaces in your house with one of the top shelving units ideas. It is easy to make and doesn’t put pressure on your pocket as well. 

Suspended Ceiling Shelves

To adjust stuff on the unused space above the garage door or other part of the ceiling, these suspended ceiling shelves work wonders. 

You can easily accommodate large boxes on these storage racks. 

However, be careful in DIY hanging garage shelves regarding the weight since heavy-weighted objects might risk falling off. 

Tools Required

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencils
  • Wooden board
  • Corner braces
  • Drilling machine
  • Screw
  • Table saw/hand saw

Start by measuring the top of the ceiling to the critical point where the shelf is placed.

Now build three identical shelf supports by cutting three planks from the wooden board. Join them together using a corner brace. 

Screw them properly so that the u-shaped structure is formed. Then, fix the three support structures together in a way that they can balance the plywood for the base of the shelf.

Using a table saw or a hand saw, cut the piece from the wooden board to make the shelf’s base. 

Fix it carefully on the support structures and fix them together using screws. 

Ceiling space always comes in handy when it comes to garage storage. 

Not only does it save plenty of floor space, but it also makes sure your stuff is safe from water damage if your garage is on low lying ground. 

Remember to keep your stuff inside large containers that fit the space above the shelves. 

Apart from that, it would help if you also cared not to overburden the suspended ceiling storage base and prevent it from falling. 

Diy Garage Shelves

To build these DIY garage storage shelves, you do not have to be a pro in doing wooden projects. 

You can keep the garage clutter in control by fixing wooden planks right against the wall and then securing boards above them to serve as DIY garage storage shelves. 

Fix angle-cut beans to provide the shelves with additional support with screws and keep all the heavy things at the top. Here is how you can build shelving units from scratch. 

Materials You Will Need

  • Wooden board
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencils
  • Saw (hand or table)
  • Drilling machine
  • Screws

Measure the walls and begin with cutting long 2×4 pieces from the wooden plywood board using a saw.

The basic shape of the shelves needs to be 2×4, with a plank of wood kept secured on the top. 

Fix the 2x4s on the wall with the help of a drilling machine and screws. 

It’s time to build the support beams, which need to be put at a 45-degree angle. It helps to provide sturdy support so that you can put even the heaviest stuff on the shelf. 

To build the support beam, cut a plank in a slanting manner on both sides. Then, fix one side with the plank and the other on the wall. 

To hang tools on the lower side of the shelves, you can add a couple of extra screws along the 2×4 beams.

Shelving ideas are a great plan to store all the extra stuff inside your garage with ease. 

The ultimate DIY garage storage shelves right here are super easy to build and provide ample space for you to store equipment and even the extra stuff from your house inside the garage.

These take up space on the wall and make sure your garage looks effortlessly clean. It also helps you to park your vehicle without bumping into any storage shelf or cabinet. Complete your garage organisation plan by getting your gear off the floor with Garage Storage Solutions’ smart shelving and basket storage.

Cordless Tool Station

Now that we have talked about all the large storage shelving units and DIY shelves, it is time to give you an idea of building a compact storage shelf. 

This easy and super handy cabinet cum wall-hung storage makes sure your cordless drills, drivers, and nailers are right at a proper place whenever they are not in use. 

Apart from that, with this storage shelf idea, you will always keep things right within your reach. 

Tools You Will Need

  • Wooden board
  • Screws
  • Drilling machine
  • Table or hand saw
  • Measuring tape 
  • Pencils 
  • Varnish

Using a measuring tape, mark a wooden board to build the outer frame of this wall hanging storage unit with a pencil.

First of all, cut four sides from the board to form a rectangular box. Then, attach the four sides with the help of a drilling machine and screws. 

It is time to build the lower frame, which needs to be smaller than the first one. On the more down side of the frame, make sure you cut out small pieces to form grooves. 

The number of grooves depends on how many tools you want to put inside in this part. Then, finally, fix the pieces together to form a frame just like above. 

Attach this frame to a wooden board that will act as back support and will be used to attach the shelf to the wall. 

On the lower part, fix dividers to separate each piece for a more finished look. Using a paintbrush and wood varnish finish off this compact hanging wall shelf.

The wall hanging DIY garage storage shelves are the perfect option to make sure all your electric equipment is kept in one place.

It secures everything at one side of the wall and makes sure that you do not lose anything in the clutter. 

However, for heavier objects, you can even build a storage cabinet that is larger than this one and use it for multiple purposes. 

It is easy as well and multifunctional, which makes it a perfect choice for garage storage ideas.

Diy Garage Storage Ideas You Probably Didn’t Know About

How To Organise A Garage

Adorable Diy Garage Pegboard Wall

Pegboards are great for organising any of your spaces, so it would be beneficial to manage your garage spaces with the messiest things there. 

SO here is the idea of creating a vast pegboard wall in the garage to organise all your tools, sporty stuff and other things that are lying there and need to be stored up there. 

You can cut the pegboard into any feasible size according to the space you have and thus quickly get your garage storage problems fixed.

Build Your Garage Shelving From 2x4s

Make your garage a well managed and well-organised space, too, with this wooden built shelving unit to hold all your knick-knack stuff on it. 

Using the wooden planks, this shelving is easy, cheap and quick to install yourself at home with any size, the number of shelves and design to fit and suit your spaces. 

You can hold the baskets on it with all your stuff being put up in them and thus nicely stored up. Check out the details of this feasible and functional organising idea here ana-white

Diy Pegboard Storage Wall:

The men of the house have their workshop installed in the garage, and it means a lot of tools, supplies, and material to be organised there and to help you out, we got you this idea of creating a pegboard wall there. 

With this pegboard over your walls, you can easily hang your bunch of tools on it and grab them quickly while working on your projects. 

Moreover, you can use mesh baskets to make it look more functional by holding more minor things like hardware in them.

Catch the complete details of this brilliant idea here the creativity exchange

If you are a crafty person, then we can know you struggle with the organisation of the crafting supplies, especially with the big bunch of spray cans and the paint jars. 

So to solve this problem quickly and cheaply you can install this wooden paint shelf having the capability to house more than a hundred cans on it and thus getting them all organised in the least for the price, efforts and space. 

You can learn to create this utterly functional wooden spray paint shelf right on this link provided, so do browse invariantly creative.

Diy Repurposed Crib Paint Shelf

If you have an old crib in your access, do grab it as you can repurpose it into something extraordinary and functional for your garage spaces. Like here, it has been turned into a paint shelf with some additions to the structure. 

It would save your space, time and money and let you have a fully organised space there in your garage, or your crafting shed holding all your paint, primer and stain collection in the apple-pie order.

Adorable Diy Double Decker Garage Storage Shelves 

If you lack space on the garage floor and there is a pile of stuff that needs to be organised, you should be getting your hands on this genius built double pecker shelf idea to cope with the low storage space problem. 

The shelf has a top to hold some big stuff like baskets and cans; then it has lower built-in compartments to house a bunch of your spray cans and the paint jars in them. At the lowest, it got hooks to accommodate much stuff like wires, ropes, and more, so it should be built.

Diy Garage Family Bike Storage

Cycling is a fun hobby and healthy activity too, and if you and your family members are all cycling lovers, then we can know the hassle you must be facing while getting the cycles organised in your garage spaces. 

You can cope with this situation by building this wall-mounted cycle holding rack, thus organising your cycles and saving significant space on the garage floor.

Flexible Garage Storage Wall

This storage system solves two challenges: first, how to design storage space for the narrow alley between the garage side wall and your car; and second, how to create a solid mounting surface to hold shelves and hooks capable of carrying hundreds of pounds of stuff.

The solution is to create a framework of horizontal wood strips and inexpensive shelf standards. It can hold almost any shelving arrangement and hooks at any point on the wall, and it’s easy to rearrange.

Garage Corner Shelves

Who couldn’t use a few more shelves in the garage? Of course, you probably already have shelves in the prominent spots, but what about in the corners? 

This nifty corner shelf unit takes advantage of existing studs, and it’s fast, easy, and cheap. And it’s excellent for canned ideas.

Use scrap plywood or oriented strand board to make shelves that fit snugly between the corner studs and support them with 1×1 cleats. 

These corner shelves are perfect for storing smaller glues, oils, waxes, and polishes lost on larger frames.

Monkey Bars Wall Unit

If you need storage above your wall unit, these monkey-bar-style shelves might be the solution. 

Engineered of steel for durability, the system offers custom solutions to get tools and materials off the garage floor and out of your way—but still within reach. 

You can modify the hook-and-bar system to fit changing storage needs in the future.


Whether you need to keep your bike in a cramped city apartment, an overcrowded garage, or your backyard, you will find a storage solution on this list that will both protect your bicycle and keep it easily accessible for daily use. It’s a win-win solution! A storage solution from Garage Storage Solutions can transform your garage into a social focal point for visitors with a modern look.

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