How To Convert Your Garage Into A Gym

How To Convert Your Garage Into A Gym

We’ve all been there. You’re looking for a new way to get in shape, and you don’t have any free time, so what do you do? 

Well, if your garage is empty most of the year, then this blog post might be perfect for you! It’s not as hard as it seems to convert your garage into a gym

Many people join the gym and sign up for a membership but are unable to go daily. Well, now there is an option to say no to memberships and exercise daily!

Your garage is the one place in your house with ample space and can be used to set up a gym. If you set up a home gym in your garage, there will be no excuses to exercise daily. 

The idea of having a home gym in the garage is to follow a routine and ditch all the reasons for not going to the gym.

The garage is the best place in your house to set up a gym, and in this article, we will help you understand the procedure for setting it up quickly. 

All it takes is some elbow grease and creativity! These are just some ideas on how to turn that old space into something useful again.

Building a home gym doesn’t need to be expensive, and you can do as much or as little as you want, adding new features as funds or time become available. A storage solution from Garage Storage Solutions can transform your garage into a social focal point for visitors with a modern look.

Here’s what you need to know to get started:

Easy Steps For Turning Your Garage Into A Gym

How To Convert Your Garage Into A Gym3

Clean Your Garage

Garages tend to be the place where everything ends up. So throw out, repurpose and give away anything that you have not used in the last year. 

You can even make some money by selling things you don’t use anymore.

The first and foremost step for setting up the gym is to clean your garage. We often make our garage a mini storeroom where we tend to keep all the things that we don’t use all year-round. 

Start sorting things that will be useful to you and eliminate the stuff that is of no use. 

You can also sell the things you don’t use and make some money which can be used to buy equipment for the gym once you sort things out and clean your gym. 

Sanitise the gym and make sure that there is no dirt or dust on the floor or corners of the parking area.

Organise The Things That You Will Be Needing

The next step is to organise everything so that it doesn’t acquire a lot of space and there is still room for equipment. 

Many organisation systems are available that can help keep all things in one place without taking a lot of room. 

If you are setting it on your own, go for vertical drawers or cabinets to store items. 

You can also arrange things you will need for the gym, such as yoga mats, balls, dumbbells, barbells, etc. Arrange it all in such a way that it is easy to take it out.

Gym Flooring

Another thing to consider while converting your garage into the gym is the flooring of the garage. 

The flooring is usually concrete for garages as it is used for majorly car parking and storing things only. 

This type of flooring is not suitable for a gym. A gym needs flooring that is easy to clean, doesn’t absorb chemicals and can resist high-intensity movements. 

Hard concrete flooring is also not good for muscles and joints as it can lead to sprains. 

There are flooring options available such as carpet tiles, rubber, epoxy, etc., that can be used for flooring in the garage for the gym. 

We would suggest epoxy flooring as it is well suited and it is easy to get rid of the strains. It is also water-resistant, so it is easy to clean and maintain.

After that, rubber gym mats work great on top.

Hard concrete isn’t ideal for exercise because it won’t absorb the shock of high-intensity movement, leading to strain on the body over time. 

Resurface the concrete in your garage with a gentler flooring alternative that will cushion the impact on your muscles and joints.

Reliable options include carpet tiles, rubber, foam, and epoxy, the latter of which is a resin coating you can paint directly onto concrete, making it an easy DIY project. 

Not to mention, epoxy is likely the most durable of the options.  

Maximise Space 

If the space in your garage is minimal, fitting everything in there will be the biggest challenge. 

Start making a floor plan to figure out where to put the machines and maximise the wall space.  

You can easily add a wide range of accessories to put everything you need and change it around anytime.

Create More Storage Options

When turning a garage into a workout area, organisation hacks are crucial to maximising the limited square footage available. 

Keep the floor space uncluttered and use both the walls and ceilings to store equipment like resistance bands, foam rollers, dumbbells, or yoga mats.

A pegboard is especially helpful if you’re constantly using and rearranging stuff. 

With the help of hooks, you have the freedom of hanging items anywhere you want—in the centre, horizontally, vertically, at the top or the bottom.

Insulate The Space

Insulating a garage door provides several benefits like:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Less noise from outside
  • Brightened interior, and
  • More climate control for year-round usage

Insulation keeps the temperature regulated at all times so you can exercise comfortably no matter the season. 

Adding the insulation is a simple and affordable DIY project that will cost around $200 for a standard-size garage door, based on estimates from the experts.

To optimise its efficiency, make sure to choose a type of insulation that will suit your garage door. 

Insulating a space, especially in an area with cold weather, is a must. 

Not only will it help keep the climate in your garage and house more stable, but it’ll also help reduce the noise. 

Insulation installation isn’t complicated, but you should wear gloves, a mask, and long sleeves if you’re putting in fibreglass insulation yourself. 

If your garage door isn’t insulated, you can use a foam board insulation kit.

Foam or fibreglass works for steel doors, reflective cardboard works for flat panel doors, and foam works for wooden doors.

Plan To Use The Space Entirely

Before selecting the equipment for the gym and other things in the garage, it is essential to plan. 

Measure the area that you are going to use for setting up the gym. In case you are using the entire site, have the exact measurement of that too. 

Start mapping the position of the machines that you are planning to buy. By having a plan ready, it is easy to set up the gym and helps in using the area to its maximum capacity. 

Keep the arrangement such that it has space for equipment and TV or other things that you are planning to keep. 

Make sure that you plan it such that the room looks spacious and there is enough room for doing floor exercises.

Build Your Basic Equipment

A home gym doesn’t have to look state-of-the-art — it just needs to be stocked. 

Rather than purchasing large, expensive machines like a treadmill, bench press or elliptical trainer, save for that equipment over time and assemble some essential gear to help you get started right now.

The most critical step is to get the equipment for the gym. Try and select the types of equipment that are much important rather than getting equipment that you will rarely use. 

You can choose one machine for cardio out of a treadmill, cycle, and rower. However, if there is not enough space, then we would suggest you go for a process. 

Then you select your weightlifting and training gear depending on the type of workout you do. You can also get equipment for plyometric training. 

The choice of the equipment to be placed in the gym should entirely depend on the workout routine you will follow.

This part is more minor about storage and more about not buying more than you need. Of course, if you’re using your new space every day, you’ll need a few more items to start with. However, not everything has to be purchased on your first day, week, month, or even year.

Equipment pieces can be accumulated through time as you determine how much you need and use them. Having your essential pieces of equipment available doesn’t have to be expensive either.

Used equipment is available in places like, Play-it-Again Sports, and local classified ads. Keeping an eye on sale ads (especially around January) also helps if you’re looking for something specific or that has an expiration timeline.

Equipment Storage

From the most basic hooks to hang ropes to commercial-grade racks that hold the heavy stuff, it’s really up to you how much space you want/has to dedicate to equipment.

We’ve used slat walls to store smaller pieces of equipment without problems, but everyone’s needs are different, so racks are also a great option. Having open space to work is probably the essential part of getting set up, so putting a solid plan of the organisation together should be a priority. Make a space to quickly put away the current equipment, then work the rest in as you accumulate new pieces. 

Make Sure There Is Sufficient Air Flow In The Gym

Having ventilation in the gym is essential. If you live in a region with a lot of humidity, make arrangements so that you don’t feel hot while working out. 

You can install fans and air-conditioners in your garage-turned-gym to ensure that the temperature remains under control for working out. If the temperature remains moderate all year in the region, you live, you can then go for a fan and keep the doors or windows open for cross-ventilation. 

You should also select your gym wear depending upon the weather of the place you live in. Complete your garage organisation plan by getting your gear off the floor with Garage Storage Solutions’ smart shelving and basket storage.

Search For Money-saving Resources

A garage conversion requires up-front expenses, but you can alleviate some of the financial burdens. 

The internet is full of frugal resources if you’re willing to put in the legwork and track them down. One simple strategy is one that your mom likely used when you were growing up — coupons.

In our digital world, you can scour the web for coupons of all kinds. 

Coupons will save money on all aspects of redecorating, from paint to flooring and tiles to cabinets to furniture. 

Make a list of which items you need for the renovation and spend an hour searching online. Check all significant coupon sites, and don’t forget to look for manufacturer coupons too.

Sometimes manufacturer coupons are your best bet because the company isn’t giving a third party coupon company a percentage of the sale to offer steeper discounts.

The Finishing Touches

To give the last finishing touches and make your garage feel like an actual gym, you can add some source of entertainment in the garage. For example, you can add a TV or a music system to your home gym. 

People like me feel bored while working out and need to listen to some music while working out. 

You can install DVD players or even have Bluetooth speakers not to feel bored while exercising. And voila, your home gym is now ready to use.

Heating and cooling your garage is a luxury, but if you can squeeze it into your budget, it will be a luxury you won’t regret splurging on. 

We’ve come across ductless units (sometimes referred to as mini-split systems), which are excellent since they’re not running on your house’s heating/cooling unit and can be used only when you need them. 

Garage Storage Solutions

How To Convert Your Garage Into A Gym2

Here are several solutions to maximise floor space and storage.

Slatwall panels maximised the garage’s vertical storage space for accessories like baskets and utility bins for small items.

Deep shelves provide storage for workout equipment, and hooks were used for hanging everything from bikes to hockey bags.

Strategically placed overhead racks got all the seasonal and seldom-used items up and out of the way. 

Finding the right balance between overhead storage and open space was necessary. Too much overhead storage would make the room feel smaller and maybe a little claustrophobic.

Ceiling space was needed for equipment like the treadmill, which can fold up into a vertical position when not in use. In addition, more overhead storage could have been added if the garage wasn’t being used as a fitness room.

Hard-working but easy to clean storage cabinetry holds everything from jump ropes and other workout supplies to protein powder and supplements.

Everything can be tucked in behind closed doors when not in use to keep things tidy and organised.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What Are The Home Gym Equipment Essentials?

A training bench, dumbbells, pull-up bar, and a jump rope are great first-purchase items for a home gym. 

Other items worth buying as soon as possible are:

  • Kettlebells.
  • A medicine ball.
  • A barbell with plates.
  • A cardio machine of your choosing.

What Is The Most Expensive Piece Of Equipment For A Home Gym?

You will likely pay the most for a cardio machine like a rower, stationary bike, or treadmill. Of course, cheaper options are available, but if you want a device with all bells and whistles, expect to pay anywhere from $500-$1,500.

Which Cardio Machine Should I Get For My Home Gym: A Rower, Stationary Bike, Or Treadmill?

This depends on you! If cardio is unenjoyable, but you find that you enjoy it the most while on a stationary bike, go with a stationary bike. 

Rowers are great for full-body exercises, and treadmills are great for everything from incline walking to all-out sprints. 

Those with joint problems or recovering from an injury may find that a stationary bike works best.

If you want to prioritise an active lifestyle without compromising your budget, a garage-turned-gym is the most practical solution. 

This investment will be worth the money in the long-term, and soon those loud, cramped, and overpriced fitness centres will seem like a distant memory. So go PRO today to get the most out of your home gym.

A Healthy Investment

Now that your garage has transformed into a fitness room, you can use it every day of the year. 

You’ll save money on gym memberships and never have an excuse (like bad weather) for not working out. It’s a significant investment in your home and your healthy lifestyle.


Creating a gym in your garage is not only a fun project. It will also save you so much time and money in the long run.

Not only will you be saving on gym memberships, gas and commute time, but you will also be able to work out more regularly and enjoy your workouts more. Garage storage wall hooks should form part of any garage makeover as they provide a clean and really easy way to lift anything from your garage floor and have it accessible via your garage wall.

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