How Do You Store Sports Gear In A Garage2

How Do You Store Sports Gear In A Garage?

Storage can be a tricky issue for sports enthusiasts. Your garage is often the perfect place to store your gear, but it’s not always easy figuring out what to do with it all. 

If there’s one thing that the entire family agrees on, it’s that sports are fun! However, the biggest problem is that there are many different sports types and they’re all fun. 

Each one comes with equipment that fills up your garage! Bats and balls and racquets, oh my! 

If you’ve got a big family and everyone likes a different sport, your garage is likely full of sports equipment. Lucky for you, we’re here to help!

You can organise sports equipment in a garage to save space. In addition, the garage or basement is an excellent place to keep some of your gear that you do not use regularly. 

With proper organisation and some creativity, you will use the least amount of space to store your sports gear. 

You can use DIY storage accessories through improvisation, or you can buy sports storage accessories. 

When storing sports gear in the garage, ensure that they are protected from damage, rust, and dust.

Here are some tips on how you can make sure your garage doesn’t become too cluttered with equipment! Are you getting frustrated by your clutter and garage organisation? Here at Garage Storage Solutions, we offer extensive professional organising and declutter service.

How To Organise Sports Equipment In A Garage

How Do You Store Sports Gear In A Garage

Ever wonder why all that sports stuff gets stuffed into the garage? The fact is, the garage is the perfect place for all of it. The reasons why include;

  • Lots of extra space, including wall space, to hang things like bats, racquets, etc.
  • It’s centralised. All your sports stuff is in one place.
  • It’s the last part of the house you’re in before driving off to play and compete. That makes it easier to remember everything.
  • Dirt, dust, oil, and grease won’t cause a big garage problem like they can in the house.

Start With Sorting Everything

The first thing is to sort everything in your garage. Next, it is advisable to group all the sports gear depending on type and use. 

For instance, you can put all the balls in one place. You can also put the seasonal sports gear away until you are ready to use them in the sports season.

Proper sorting will help you to group the items depending on use. During the sorting period, you will also find old things that you no longer need. 

Throw away old and torn sports gear. You can also donate sports clothes and equipment that no longer serve you to save on space.

The first step in any organisation’s endeavour is to take inventory and get rid of anything broken, missing parts, or outgrown. 

Donate or throw out anything you don’t need, and sort the rest into like items. 

Take a second look at your stash to see if there are items you have multiples of. Decide which ones you most need or want to keep, and get rid of the rest.

Get Rid Of Unused Or Broken Sports Equipment

It’s tough to get organised when you have a mountain of sports equipment you don’t use. 

Old baseball gloves that don’t fit. Broken bicycles, cracked bats, and sneakers that have seen better days.

The thing is, the less old, unusable stuff you have, the more space you’ll have to organise everything else. 

Here are the best ways to pare down your sports equipment and open up more garage space:

  • Donate sports equipment that still works to your fave charity. (Goodwill can come and pick it up!)
  • Give away old sports equipment to friends, family, and neighbours who can use it.
  • Toss anything that no longer has any value or use
  • Have a garage sale and sell any gear that still works.

Hang Bikes On The Wall Or Ceiling In Your Garage

Bicycles take up an excessive amount of room, no doubt. In addition, they’re big, bulky, and usually a bit dirty and greasy (we’re looking at you, bike chain). 

Sure, leaving them on the floor of the garage propped up by a wall works. It also, however, takes up the most space.

Better to get some large, rubberised hooks and hang the bikes on the wall. You can also hang them from exposed joists in the garage. 

We’ve seen some folks use a bike rack in the garage too, which is a great organising idea. Put all your extra gear, like pumps, water bottles, tools, and so forth, nearby in a large, clear storage bin.

Consider Purchasing A Slatwall System

Have you ever heard of Slatwall? It’s a type of building material that comes with grooves, or slats, built-in. 

Into these horizontal slats, you can hang all sorts of other things: bins, shelves, hooks, baskets, and more.

The beauty of a Slatwall system is that it’s infinitely adjustable. 

You can hang sports equipment in one place and, if your sporting situation changes, move them around easily and quickly. 

Here are a few other reasons Slatwall is excellent for how to organise sports equipment in a garage;

  • The Slatwall is super durable.
  • We think it’s beautiful.
  • It’s relatively affordable.
  • It’s incredibly versatile.
  • Once in place, it’s very user-friendly.

There are several different types and materials used in Slatwall. We recommend talking to an expert at your local big-box home improvement store for advice before purchasing. 

That way, you get the Slatwall that fits your budget, and your family, best. 

Use A Pegboard Or Slat Wall

The best way to save space in the garage is to take advantage of wall space. There are different ways to use the wall by using a slat wall of a pegboard. 

Pegboards are the best for hanging small items in your garage. In addition, you can use it for sports gear that you do not want to get lost.

If you are using a pegboard or slat wall, ensure that you have the right accessories like hooks and baskets. 

You can use hooks to hang bicycle helmets, bags, and also tennis rackets. 

Small wire baskets can also be helpful for the pegboard because you can use them to store small items like tennis balls. 

When organised, a pegboard or slat wall with sports gear can be aesthetically pleasing.

Use Floating Shelves

Using floating shelves is an excellent way to organise your balls. When using floating shelves for storing sports gear, make sure that you opt for the railed floating shelves. 

These are the best for organising your balls because they keep them in place, unlike solid wood or steel shelves.

You can use floating shelves for multipurpose use apart from storing balls; you can use hooks. 

Hanging hooks on the lower shelf of the floating shelves are suitable for organising rackets, helmets, hockey sticks, and even boots. 

Metal rail floating shelves are the best because they come with all the accessories you will need for installation.

Mesh Storage

Mesh storage is an affordable and versatile type of storage. With mesh storage, you can store all kinds of sports items, but you have to be careful about the weight. 

It is not advisable to store heavy or sharp sports gear because they are likely to damage the mesh. 

A mesh organiser from amazon is a giant hanging mesh ideal for the garage. It is big enough to hold balls, toys and other things in the garage.

Mesh storage is the best for storing balls and other lightweight items. 

We have different types of mesh storage like mesh bags that come with bags, and you can carry them whenever you leave. 

You can use the straps to hang the mesh bag on the garage wall. You can also find a mesh hammock by turning it between the walls.

Sports Storage Bins

Using sports storage bins will make it easy for you to store a variety of items. 

You can use a sports storage bin for heavy items like hockey sticks and golf clubs. In addition, we have heavy-duty containers that can hold heavy sports gear.

It is advisable to get a storage bin with multiple compartments to keep everything organised at the same time. 

We have bins that come with wheels, and you can roll them into your track in case you are going to play. You can also move them from one place of the garage to another.

Laundry Bags

If you are working with a very tight budget and cannot afford to buy anything, use laundry bags. 

You can put all the sports gear that you have and seal the bag. The best thing about laundry bags is that they will protect your equipment from dust. 

You can also hang them on your garage wall with hooks to keep the space organised.

Storage Cart

It is possible to use a storage cart to store all your sports gear. The best thing with a storage cart is that you can move it from one place to another. 

The storage cart can be a place where you store all the sports gear like balls, resistance bands, and other small ports gear.

Use Large Garbage Cans For Balls In Your Garage

If you’re like the typical American family, you’ve got balls galore in your garage! Baseballs, basketballs, footballs, tennis balls, kickballs, and squash balls, to name just a few. 

All those balls can get in the way, roll under fixtures and create accident risks too. That’s why, if you have a lot of them, an extra-large (clean) plastic garbage can is excellent. 

(The 50+ gallon size!) That way, you can put all your sports balls in one easy-to-find place!

Put In A Wall Of Cabinets In Your Garage

If you have space, and the budget, a wall of cabinets in the garage works very well for storing sports equipment. 

Like in your kitchen, all that extra space will help you keep everything well organised. Also, it looks cleaner and neater too!

If you can’t afford an entire wall of cabinets, consider a few of them instead. The drawers, doors, and extra space will help you keep your garage looking great!

Organise Sports Equipment Storage Benches & Bins

Bins, boxes, and benches can be used as alternatives to wall storage or along with it. 

Sports equipment storage benches are multi-functional, holding sports gear and providing a place to sit. 

Keep one near your workspace for your kids to sit on when they want to see what you’re up to or help you with projects. 

Bins and boxes can be stored on shelves or on the ground against the wall to be easily accessed. 

They are great for items that are only used seasonally and don’t need to be out year-round. They are also helpful for small, loose items, like balls, knee pads, and shin guards. Garage Storage Solutions features an innovative wall storage system with heavy-duty sliding wall components such as hooks, garage shelving and stylish, durable steel cabinets designed to hold your gear securely and neatly in place.

Rent A Storage Unit If You Can’t Fit All Of It

How Do You Store Sports Gear In A Garage3

Here’s the thing; sometimes, you have more sports equipment than your garage can hold. (That’s especially true if you have a large family and they all like different sports.) 

If you have too much equipment for your garage to handle, a storage unit makes the perfect solution. They’re big, safe, clean, and secure. You can also get in and out very quickly and easily. 

If you love water sports, you can get a storage unit near the lake or the beach. (Some folks store their boats at a self-storage facility for that very reason.) 

You can organise a storage unit too, with shelves and plastic bins, so that finding your gear is always accessible. 

If you’ve got more sports equipment that your garage can fit, a storage unit might be the perfect solution.

Use Overhead Storage For Organising Your Sports Equipment In A Garage

Many homeowners forget that, above their heads, all sorts of extra space exists in the garage. If you’ve finished your garage, you can hang hooks, straps, and pulleys from the ceiling. 

If it’s unfinished, it’s even easier because you can see the joists (beams). You can also put shelves between the posts and store all sorts of sports equipment up there!

Choose A Section On Your Garage For Sports Gear

When storing sports gear in your garage, choose a section in your garage that will be used for sports gear. 

You can choose a wall for the storage of all the sports gear. Selecting a section of your garage for sports gear can create an aesthetic look for your garage.

It will create a space where you can display your trophies and things that you love. Creating a unique space for gear can also benefit space-saving instead of having sports gear all over the area.

Take Your Sports Gear Off The Floor

Proper sports gear storage and organisation can protect them from damage. 

If you want to protect your gear from water damage, do not store them directly on your floor. Instead, use creative ways to keep your equipment, like using shelves and hanging them on the wall.

The cold concrete floor and water from the bottom are likely to damage gear through rust and mould. 

Creating creative ways to keep your sports gear will make the space look neat and keep your equipment safe.

Tips On Organizing Sports Equipment In A Garage

Make Sure The Space Is Dry

When storing sports gear in the garage, you need to make sure that the space is dry. 

It is advisable to store your bikes, golf clubs, tennis rackets, and even sportswear in a dry place. If your garage is dry, try and look for a way to keep your sports gear dry.

You can do this by keeping your sports clothes in airtight plastic containers to protect the moisture. 

It is also advisable not to place your gear directly into the concrete floor and utilise overhead storage. 

The floor is usually cold and moist and can lead to rusting or rotting of your sports gear.

Adopt Clever Storage Techniques

Adopting cleaver storage techniques can help you to save time and money. You do not have to buy expensive storage kits to store items in the garage.

It is possible to improvise using laundry baskets, and also bed sheets can be converted into a hammock for storage. 

Buying storage gear will help keep your space organised and aesthetically pleasing, but it is not the only wear to store your sports gear.

Keep Seasonal Gear Away

It is essential to keep seasonal sports gear away. The seasonal sports gear that you use during a certain period of the year can be kept away. 

If you are not going to use your hockey stocks or roller skates for some time, use ceiling storage.

With overhead storage, the sports gear will free up space in your garage, but at the same time, you can keep them somewhere safe. 

The secret is to store items depending on the priority of use. For example, if you do not cycle every day, mount your bikes to the wall, or use overhead storage. Garage storage wall hooks should form part of any garage makeover as they provide a clean and really easy way to lift anything from your garage floor and have it accessible via your garage wall.

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